Friday, September 29, 2006

Not Your Father's Sex Store

Fascinations: The Wal-Mart of Sex Shops.

I can't say that I enjoy posting this link, but it gives an idea of where our culture is going. I also can't believe this passes for legit news. It makes me want to puke.

From Story:
[begin quote]
"I am proud of my vibrators and the trips I make to Fascinations! I am excited about it! You know, when you get a new toy when you’re young? You’re excited to play with it? Same thing when you’re an adult,” she says.
[end quote]

This is an example of adults trying to be kids and giving into every whim of physical pleasure. Lady, toys are for kids. I'm sorry, how can someone be proud of their vibrators? I really hope she doesn't carry around pictures of them telling everyone how proud she is of them, as if they are her children. Be proud of your family, your friends, your job, your kids even. Don't be proud of your sexual escapades and leisure time.

When Squirrels Attack

Beware of Squirrels

Yes, I know. It sounds like a bad FOX specials right up there with all the other "When Animals Attack" series. But this is no Joke. The Squirrels are fighting back.

The Homeless World Cup Soccer Tourney

Homeless World Cup

Homeless people playing in a world wide soccer tournament? YES! Check it out. It is a programed designed to help the homeless be giving them confidence and a boost in self-esteem -- that is, if they aren't already crazy and can actually benefit from the added confidence and esteem. This is a completely new approach to helping the homeless. I hope it works.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Six Tasks of Catechesis

The 6 Tasks/Aims of Catechesis

The above link is to a short essay I wrote for Catechetics Online. Feel free to check it out.

From Essay:
"Catechesis is more rightly called a "handing on of the faith." To hand on something not only encompasses teaching but also involves showing: a blend of witness and words. It is near futility to tell someone about love and never show him or her what love in action looks like. Handing on the faith need and should begin in love and proceed from love, so that in love we have no other choice but to hand on the faith. By handing on the faith, a person is really handing on life, which leads others to work, walk, and talk hand in hand and face to face with the person of Jesus in an intimate way."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The ABC's of Who's Going to Hell (a satire).

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we have written the following book with the intent on leading all souls to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. The book has been written for all ages and is very easy to understand. We have listed the people going to Hell and the reason why they are going to burn in Hell. Be warned: do not socialize with any of the kinds of people listed in this book, for Satan has a firm grasp on their souls, and they will try to lead you astray by appealing to science, history, reason, logic, and common sense, which are all instruments of Satan.
May your soul remain in the truth and light that is Jesus, and may your soul never be led astray.
The Union Preachers.

A is for Atheists. They don't believe in God
B is for Bill Clinton. He likes to smoke weed. See also: Perverts and Fornicators
C is for Catholics. Idolators of Statues consumers of cookie christs.
D is for Darwinists. They think we came from apes.
E is for Everyone not in our Church. What they believe is wrong, and they will burn in Hell for it.
F is for Fornicators. God does not forgive fornicators.
G is for Gays. God hates gays (It says so in the Bible).
H is for Harry Potter and the people who read his books. He is turning the world into satan worshiping witches.
I is for Islam. They believe Jesus isn't God.
J is for Jews. They killed Christ and will burn in Hell for it.
K is for Kiss. Rock and roll is the Devil (it says so in the Bible).
L is for Louisiana State University. They are whoremongers, fornicators, and drunkards.
M is for Mormons. God only allows for one spouse.
N is for Nazis. They Hate everyone.
O is for Osama Bin Laden. Religious Intolerance.
P is for Perverts. God doesn't forgive perverts.
Q is for Quakers. God hates oatmeal (It says so in the Bible).
R is for Residential Life. They give people the shaft.
S is for Satanists. They worship the Devil.
T is for Taoist. Their way is wrong. Our way is right.
U is for Unitarianists. They think God is for everyone.
V is for Voodooists. They will burn in Hell because we say so.
W is for Wiccans. See: Satanists.
X is for Xena. Heaven is for Feminists (It says so in the Bible.).
Y is for You. If you don't believe what we tell you, you will burn in Hell.
Z is for Zodiacs. See: Wiccans and Satanists.

If you would like the original powerpoint version feel free to contact me.

Killer Teady Bear Revealed

She was right, the bear is kinda cute.

From Story:
"It's kind of a cute little teddy bear and people wouldn't think that a cute little teddy bear would be able to kill..."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Word Made Fresh

Last night I met Mr. T from the A-Team. I’ve always considered Mr. T a wise man, so I though I would ask him a question that many teens have about going to mass. So I asked Mr. T: “Why go to mass? I don’t get anything out of it.”
And this is what he said:

“Mass. I pity the fool who don’t go to mass. It’s not about you fool! If it was about you, we wouldn’t have communion. We would have a oneion. Mass is about your neighbors and God and your sistas and brothas, so if you don’t care about God or others don’t go. But I pity the fool who don’t go to mass. You can’t have a communion in your bedroom.

“Mass, it is the place where heaven and earth meet in heavenly worship fool! You can’t heavenly worship on your couch. The Spirit takes us up to Heaven to worship God in unity with the angels and saints. So, get off you butt, and ask the Spirit to prepare you and inspire you to go to mass. It is the Spirit that prepares us for the mystery of all time: it is unique, eternal, and both in and out of our world. It is a mystery fool! Stop trying to figure everything out, fool! Just get up and go! Jesus is waiting.

“Also, you go to mass to feed your soul. I pity the fool who lets their soul starve. The Mass is the eternal sacrifice and bread is turned into Christ! You can’t turn bread into Jesus in your bedroom! Only the Holy Spirit through the priest does that. Mass is a time when God gives grace through the sacrament. You can’t get this kind of grace eating cheerios on Sunday morning.

“It’s about us changing the world. So if you don’t care about the world and don’t want it to be better stay at home and eat your BBQ. But if you do care. Get to Mass.”

Deadly Car Salesman

Salesman Attacks with Machete

A car salesman attacks a customer after an argument, but get this... he used a machete.

The Need for Control

I will be brief on this issue and maybe explore this to a further degree later.

There has been a push for the controlling of births through the means of Birth Control. Yet, to call something a control for some other thing is to imply that there is something wrong (or dangerous) about that other thing which it seeks to control. Someone might yell at me to "control my kids." Rightly so, they probably are right for yelling such a thing at me, for at that moment my kids might just be doing something wrong or dangerous, and with that being the case they need to be controlled so at to be righted and brought back to normality. However, I cannot seem to figure out exactly what is wrong with birthing that it needs to be controlled. What is it that has made birthing dangerous, wrong, and basically not normal that people feel it must be controlled and and made right again?

Misleading Democrats Or Truth Seekers?

Reducing Abortions

A group of Democrats are seeking to decrease the amount of abortions preformed in the US by 95% over a 10 year period. Are their methods just as heinous as the abortions they seek to prevent?

To Hold Hands or Not To Hold Hands that is the Question

Practical Matters in the Sacred Liturgy

Everyone is always asking: should we hold hands, fold hands, or raise them high in the air? Read this short but interesting article on the matter. Very insightful.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Health Advice for the Day.

Feel Great

Check out this. Learn how to Feel GREAT!

The Job of a COmputer

You have to love computers, even if they don't love you.

The Job of a Computer

The job of a computer is to compute,
to add, to divide to subtract and multiply.
The job of a computer is to find “x”,
to find “y”, to process pi.
The job of a computer is to aid a teacher,
to entertain a student, to inform the parent.
The job of a computer is to surf,
to drive, to ride.
The job of a computer is to collect dust,
to be my coaster, to be obsolete five minutes after purchase.
The job of a computer is to catch a virus,
misplace files, to freeze and lock up with a gray rectangle
“illegal operation two-forty-three.”
The job of a computer is to break two days after warranty has expired,
to overheat, to crash,
to have its monitor flicker and fade,
and its keyboard crack.
The job of a computer is to be picked up,
to be thrown from a nine-story window,
to fly like a rock, to crash on the ground.
Ahh . . . that feels better.

Killer Teddy Bear Slays 2,500.

Killer Teddy Bear on the Loose

I just couldn't pass up this story. It was too funny.

From Story:
"It's kind of a cute little teddy bear and people wouldn't think that a cute little teddy bear would be able to kill..."

A Letter from Tom Martin

I took Father Schall's advice and wrote a brief letter to Tom Martin. I figured someone already told him about the Parousians, so I didn't tell him about the group. I laughed at one particular line because it was the same experience I had in some of my classes at LSU. This is what Professor Martin wrote back to me:

[begin quote]
Dear Paul,

I am honored that Father Schall thinks so highly of our undergraduate program. Our program of study is to have our students read primary sources in philosophy and literature. This is revolutionary today where Introduction to Philosophy is taught giving lectures from a textbook, as thought it were geography, at most major universities. [Our Introduction to Philosophy students read Plato's "Republic" in twelve weeks.]

I have enclosed several newsletters and put you on the mailing list. You will find several of our semester course offering and the reading in each course.

I wish you well in your studies.

Keep up the good fight.
Tom Martin
[end quote]

Here are some of the Classes they offer at UNK and their readings:
Phil of Mind:
"Essay Concerning Human Understanding", Locke
"Theaetetus", Plato
"Philosophical Investigations", Wittgenstein

Political Phil:
"Ok Kingship", Aquinas
"The Servile State", Belloc
"What's Wrong With the World", Chesterton
"The Possessed", Dostoyevsky
"The Price", Machiavelli
"Social Contract", Rousseau

"The Fall", Camus
"Beyond Good and Evil", Nietzsche
"Notes from the Underground", Dostovesky
"The future of an Illusion", Freud
"Orthodoxy", G.K. Chesterton

A couple of the Board Positions on the Staff of the "Examined Life" periodical are:
Department of Inhumane Affairs
Assistant to the Associate Director of Illogical Practices

I have been delaying it, but I plan on writing Father Schall a letter to see if we can get together for a beer or something. I'll keep everyone posted

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hot Monogamy?

Hot Monogamy?

This is an interesting read. It is a long article, but if you work with teens or young adults there is some good information that you can use.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Veggie Tales Censored!


I wonder of Orwell was right with his book "1984"?

This is a fine example of free speech unless it costs money or mentions God. I wish I could remember that quote from Chesterton that said something to the effect of Freedom of Religion means having the freedom to talk about everything except religion. Today Freedom of Religion means free to do everything that is not religious. It is really sad that I can turn on the TV and watch some of the most morally offensive programing on Prime time, yet a Children's show that mentions God is not allowed to air on Saturday morning until near all mention of God and the Bible and religion are removed. Didn't NBC know what it was they were buying? Doesn't NBC realize why the show was so successful?

From the Article:
On what needed to be edited from the Veggie Tales episodes to make the suitable for NBC TV.
"The response from NBC was an e-mail with a list of lines that needed to be removed, "each of them containing either the word 'God' or 'Bible"

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Theology of Kneeling

Ratzinger and Kneeling

This is an excerpt from the book by Ratzinger "The Spirit of the Liturgy." I am currently reading this book, and I do highly recomend it. On the site is also a link to Father Schall's comments/reflections on the book. Father Schall quotes Adain Nicholas O.P in that the "`re-enchantment' of the Catholic Liturgy is the single most urgent ecclesial need of our time" (p. 21)." I douldn't agree more.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater


"Sep 21, 2006 — BOSTON (Reuters) - Graduate business students in the United States and Canada are more likely to cheat on their work than their counterparts in other academic fields, the author of a research paper said on Wednesday."

And their justification of why they cheat: "'The typical comment is that what's important is getting the job done. How you get it done is less important," McCabe said. "You'll have business students saying all I'm doing is emulating the behavior I'll need when I get out in the real world.'"

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Missing Link???

Lucy's Little Sister, Selam

A fossil of an early hominid has been discovered that is said to be some 3.3 million years old. Older than the 3.2 million years of the famous Lucy fossil.

"The skull, torso and upper and lower limbs, including the hand, show both human and ape-like features." Sentences like this one lead people to think it is really the missing link. Shame, shame media. Haven't you looked in the mirror lately, or looked at your hands, feet, skull, torso, and limbs? All seem to show ape-like features, no surprise here.

Beer Blessing

I figured since the last post was about beer, and many places around the country and world are celebrating Oktoberfest, it would be appropriate to provide everyone with the propper blessing for beer -- yes this is the prayer that monks use when blessing the beer that they make --Trapists seem to be one of the last orders that still brew their own beer.

Blessing of Beer

Priest: Our Help is in the name of the Lord.
All: Who made Heaven and Earth.

P: The Lord be with you.
All: May he also be with you.

Let us pray:

Lord, bless + this creature, beer,
which by your kindness and power
has been produced from kernels of grain,
and let it be a healthful drink for mankind.
Grant that whoever drinks it
with thanksgiving to your holy name
may find it a help in body and in soul;
through Christ our Lord.

All: Amen.
(The been is then sprinkled with holy water.)

Beer and Creation

Beer has long been associated with monasteries and the Catholic faith. Being a good Catholic I decided to follow in the footsteps of the many good saints in Heaven who partook in such a glorious drink. But as Chesterton said “We should thank God for beer and Burgundy by not drinking too much of them” I do not advocate abusing the drink, for what follows is only a light hearted introduction to creation. The section numbers are where you can find the information from the "Catechism of the Catholic Church."

God is present in all of creation (§300).

All of God’s creation is Good (§299).

God creates out of love and wisdom (§295).

God created barley, yeast, hops, and water by love and wisdom.

In some way God is present in the barley, yeast, hops, and water, all of which are good.

God communicates his glory through his creation (§293).

God’s glory can be found in barley, yeast, hops, and water, all of which are good.

God allows humanity to share in the perfecting of the world (§306).

Humanity perfects barley, yeast, hops, and water by combining, roasting, and brewing the ingredients together.

By sharing in God’s divine intelligence humanity created beer (§299).

That is, Beer is made from humanity’s work and God’s love (§306).

The process of creating beer involves the use of God’s creation, and in someway beer contains God’s glory.

By drinking beer humanity partakes in God’s glory.

“The glory of God is [humanity] fully alive” (§294).

By drinking beer humanity fills their bodies with God’s glory.

Therefore, by drinking beer, a person becomes more fully alive, is further filled with God’s glory, and becomes a testimony to God’s glory.

So, beer is a glorious, loving, and wise drink and should be drunk by all in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord Almighty.

Local Paper Reports on ECHO Students

The Dialog

The Local Dialog recently conducted an interview with myself and my two roommates. Check it out. It has a picture and everything.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fastfood Conspiracy

The more I drive around the more I see a fastfood conspiracy starting to grip the nations amongst the christians. Here are my observations, and I submit them for your approval.

First we have Burger King. As the Picture Suggests, we know who THE King of all is, so there is really only one true burger King.

I have a feeling, if the company could get away with it the sign might look tile this:

Next up is McDonald's. Golden Arches. Kind of resemble a gateway arches. Maybe the Golden gates of heaven. The company will claim that it is a giant "M" that stands for their namesake. But I say it is giant "M" for Mary the mother of Christ!

This one is kind of obvious.

Look closely. Popeyes is based out of New Orleans. Where else except in Catholic Louisiana would you find a papist loving restaurant called Pope Yes.

This resturant isn't really Christian so to speak. It is really satanic. Don't believe me? Look closly at the "S" and "Y" of the logo. What do you see? Arrows pointing the way? That's not what I see. I see pointed devil tails pointing the way to damnation. DOn't believe me? "Sub" is the prefix meaning "under" or "below". So really the restaurant is called the UnderWay . . . sounds devilish to me -- especially when compared to God's Highway in Is. 33.

Ok, last and most obvious, but also the most overlooked. Jack in the Box. Look closely at how the "O" and the "X" are joined together. Hmm doesn't it strangely look like the "Jesus Fish"? So shouldn't it be called Jack in the B"Jesus Fish"? This might be considered the meeting place for hordes of Christians. Next time you are there don't be surprised if they have replaced the toy in the kid's meal with a Chick Tract.

Men and Women and Their Differences.

A "reader" not that I have many... ok it was really a friend. Anyway, a friend emailed this to me and I thought it was funny. Take a look and have a laugh.

The Difference between Women and Men

If Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara go out for lunch, they will call each other Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara.

If Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Peanut-Head and Scrappy.

When the bill arrives, Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom will each throw in a $20, even though it's only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.

When the women get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.

A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.

A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need, but it's on sale.

A man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel from the Marriott.

The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.

A woman has the last word in any argument.

Anything a man says after that... is the beginning of a new argument.

Women love cats.

Men say they love cats, but when women aren't looking, men kick cats.

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.

A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.

A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does.

A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, and get the mail.

A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.

Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.

Women somehow deteriorate during the night.

Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams.

A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

Any married man should forget his mistakes. There's no use in two people remembering the same thing.

Sexual Re-Revolution

Redeaming Sexuality

Could it be that people are starting to think that sex is more than just physical intercourse? Can a person get to Heaven by having sex? Of Course! If it is done properly. It is easy to get to China. Just hop on a plane. A plane which has a vector; that is, speed, direction, and magnitude targeted at a specific point. It is impossible to get to China when the plane has its vector headed toward France. Likewise, if a person engages in sex it is possible to get to Heaven; however, it must have the proper vector inorder to get there -- that is, sex must have a particular aim, function, magnitude, and context. If the plane trying to get to China is lacking in the proper and neccessary direction, speed, magnitude, and goal it will not reach its final destination, which in this case is China. The same holds true for sex. If it is lacking in its proper aim, funcion, magnitude, and context it will certainly strain any relationship. I'm not sure about you, but I would prefer to get to Heaven by having sex; in this case, when done with the proper vector, sex can get a person to Heaven and make one holy -- of course, this is only because Christ allows it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Porn Confessions


Today, porn has saturated our society to the extent that it is nearly impossible to avoid and has led some writers to call my generation the Porn Generation. Here is the confession of a 20 something year old married man who relates his old porn life to his new married life. It is worth the read!


I find this strangely Ironic and incredibly sad. The Pope referenced a midieval emperor who held the belief that the Islamic faith is a violent faith. In responce to that, many Muslims caused a ruckus and protested that they were not violent and then went off and killed some nuns to prove their point. I don't know. I just don't know. All we can do is pray.

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults

US Catholic Catechism for Adults

My roommates and I had lunch today with the bishop of Wilmington, Delaware. He is an incredibly nice guy with a great sense of humor. The Bishop gave to us the new "Catholic Catechims for Adults" (CCA) We were all very greatful, for we had planned to buying our own copy. Here is what I have observed about it so far:

1. It is written in a much more conversational tone than the "CCC," but from what I have read so far little to none of the meaning is lost in this new style. In fact there were several passages where I thought the "CCA" explained some beliefs more clearly than the "CCC."

2. The text seems to be designed with the idea that it can be used as a text book -- possibly for RCIA or a Foundation of Faith class. I say this becuase each chapter is broken up into seven sections: (1)Story or Lesson of Faith (usually a Saint), (2)Teaching: Its foundations and Applications, (3)Sidebars, (4)Relationship of Catholic Teaching to the Culture, (5)Questions for Discussion, (6)Doctrinal Statements, and (7)Meditation and Prayer.

3. It is based upon the "CCC." It follows the same 4 pillars of faith that the "CCC" has. They are Creed, Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. Added to this Catechism is an Appendices that includes suggestion for further reading, traditional catholic prayers, and a glossary of terms.

4. There is a lacking of quotes from Scripture. There are some, but not nearly as many as in the "CCC." Likewise with citing church documents, fathers, and saints. This is not a bad thing, for the writing style and audience is different than that of the "CCC."

As of right now, I give this new publication by the US Bishops two thumbs up and would recomend it to any adult seeking to learn more about the Catholic Church's teachings. I would also recomend it to study circles/groups that discuss Chruch doctrine.

Overhauling Teacher Education

Teacher Education in the Dumps

I said it for year at Louisiana State University when I studied Secondary English Education for four years, but no one seemed to care. At last people are starting to see that Education's goal is not just to give information to a student but to also prepare that student for life's later tasks.

I found it interesting when interviewing College English professors and High School English teachers and the vast difference in opinions of what needs to be taught. High School teachers thought they needed to teach Literature to prepare students for college. College Professors wanted high school teacher to teach basic grammar and writing, so that their students can express an idea on paper.

I taught in the top testing high school in Louisiana for a short time. It was sad that my 9th grade students could not puncuate sentences (many didn't know when or how to use a period), capitalization was right out for these students, and literature was boring for them. If I gave an inclass writing assignment, what was handed in was horrible. If I allowed them to take the assignment home, what was handed in was beautiful. I was glad most of my students had toutors, but I was upset that the tutors usually rewrote my students' papers.

The real question is how does the teacher compete with the TV when their students are disinterested in anything that doesn't make loud noise or flicker?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Benedict's Address

Benedict's Address

If you wanted to read it. Here it is. Now you can see what all the ruckus is about. I now see how quote was used, and I now see how the media miss used the Pope. Perhaps the Pope has not learned to "manage the media machine" as some journalists state, but the Pope's job isn't to manage media: it is to be the Vicar of Christ. Just as it is the Media's job to act as a responsible medium and report the news accurately. Then again, accuate news doesn't sell.

It's All About Me

Embryonic Eugenics

Once again, it is all about me. I find it interesting that these doctors want to rid the world of Diseases so as not to ruin the lives of the parents and family, but these doctors are ok with the birthing of another Lawyer or Politician who will spread his own kind of disease and in turn and time will ruin far more lives than a diseased person ever could ruin even with help.

Furthermore diseases aren't even being ridden, only the potential of having a disease is being ridden. There cannot be a disease if there is no potential to have a disease. Really the only thing that is being ridden are those people who are potentially disabled -- if this isn't discrimination then I don't know what is. Instead of looking for a cure the doctors take an alternate more deadly route. We would consider it insane for an auto-mechanic to want to replace my entire engine for the mere fact that he doesn't know how to change or fix my water pump. It makes much more sense to learn how to fix or change the pump than to give me an entirely new engine (or car for that matter).

A Man for All Seasons

A Man for All Seasons

I watched the 1966 version of "A Man for All Seasons." over the weekend. First off, what an incredible movie with incredible acting. If this is an accurate portrayal of St. Thomas More's life than St. Thomas live an incredible life and is an inspiration to all. More knew what he believe and why he believed, which seems to contrary with much of out society today who doesn't know what they believe and when they do believe they aren't sure why. It only makes sense that More be a man for all seasons: he was Catholic.

Here are a couple of quotes from the movie. More might as was well be talking about our society today.

"If we lived in a state where virtue was profitable, common sense would make us saintly. But since we see that avarice, andger, pride and stupidity commonly profit far beyond charity, modesty, justice and thought, perhaps we must stand fast a little even at the risk of being heroes."

"And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!" -- seems to be speaking against relativism here as well as stating that the end does not justify the means.

The Simpsons On My Phone!

Simpsons Mobile (video)

The Simpons on my phone! That lovable disfunctional family everyone can't help but watch is now going mobile. The Simpsons have always been able to make us laugh and provide incredible social commentary in a way that seems more light hearted than it is serious. Take a look at the video to learn more.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

TOB New Translation

Theology of the Body NEW translation

If you haven't heard. John Paul II's Theology of the Body is being reprinted under a NEW translation based more upon the texts he wrote before he bacame pope in the original Polish. YES! JPII actually wrote his Theology of the Body before he bacame pope. It was ready for publication, but never made it to the press, so he read excerpts from the text as his weekly audiences.

The older translation (the one out now) is some what inaccurate. Many translators using different terms for the same idea. This new translation is guarenteed to be more accurate -- and maybe an easier read.

Tolerance and Intolerance

It is a popular trend in schools these days to teach tolerance. I agree with this policy, but I must say that I have much respect for a person who still stands-up, speaks-out, responds to intolerable acts -- instead of just tolerating such acts, for they believe that there is something that need not and should not be tolerated or at least something that needs to be rectified. No, I do not mean that intolerance is a good thing in and of itself, nor do I condone any vile and evil acts that result from intolerance. What I do mean by the above statement is that these individuals still believe in the objective reality of truth, goodness, and evil.

Now, what lies at the root of tolerance is something that is most normally not good – possibly evil. For example, we tolerate drunkenness because we know what would happen if alcohol was to be banned – this was a tough learned lesson during prohibition, where more evil came out of the ban than if drunkenness would have been tolerated.

However, not everything we tolerate is actually bad and evil, some of which might actually be good and can lead to an act of humility – like going to the opera with your wife or a nagging mother-in-laws -- no, I don’t mean you have to tolerate your wife, I mean you might have to tolerate the opera, and yes I do mean you have to tolerate your nagging mother-in-law: both of which are good.

What lies at the heart of intolerance is the fact that a person believes that there is something worth not tolerating – like late trains and late busses and murder. It is an intolerable act that a runner steals second base, and it is even more intolerable for the catcher to tolerate the runner’s actions of stealing second base. It is this willingness and need to respond to the intolerable act t that often bothers people, for the responce can come in a variety of ways – everything from a heated argument to down right mass murder. The problem people have with intolerance is that it often challenges a person’s views of right and wrong as well as the uncertainty of how the intolerant act will be responded to. Intolerance forces a person to be active in the world and make a difference: in tolerance is not for the weak of heart and passive person.

It is of little surprise that to the mind tolerance is more peaceful and sought after only because most of the time its end result is peaceful. But tolerance is only peaceful because most of the time it is passive and ignors certain intolerable acts. Passivity, as most people know, is nearly never the best of actions.

It is this passivity that is a danger with tolerance, as it might lead a person to think that every evil needs to be tolerated, and it might cause a person to fall into indifference about many aspects of the world. Not to mention, through the toleration of such evil, one might slowly begins to lose the true reality of the existence of evil and slip into the never-ending cat-call of “what’s right for you isn’t right for me”: relativism. For to tolerate something for the sake of tolerance, ease, or fear is equivalent to saying, “I don’t care.”

So in schools we should not be teaching tolerance for tolerance’s sake, which is too often the case. Instead we should be teaching what deplorable acts, views, and beliefs need to be tolerated, for what reasons, and how we can improve those truly intolerable acts so as to make them straight and right once more.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Why The Title?

The current Pontiff refered to the Chruch as being alive and young. Speciffically he said, "The Church is Alive. The Church is Young." Following in his footsteps, I created this blog so that my ideas, regardless of how bad or good they may be, can be shared with the few people who happen to stumble upon this blog. Besides, as Chesterton said, "If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing badly." Also, I figured I had all the authority to publish exactly becasue I have never been published, and I also figured that I can comment on the important things in life (sex, religion, and politics) becasue those are the only things on which it is worth commenting. Lastly, I have no authority to be considered an expert on any of the topics, and for that reason it is exactly why I am an expert on the above topics.
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