Monday, September 25, 2006

A Letter from Tom Martin

I took Father Schall's advice and wrote a brief letter to Tom Martin. I figured someone already told him about the Parousians, so I didn't tell him about the group. I laughed at one particular line because it was the same experience I had in some of my classes at LSU. This is what Professor Martin wrote back to me:

[begin quote]
Dear Paul,

I am honored that Father Schall thinks so highly of our undergraduate program. Our program of study is to have our students read primary sources in philosophy and literature. This is revolutionary today where Introduction to Philosophy is taught giving lectures from a textbook, as thought it were geography, at most major universities. [Our Introduction to Philosophy students read Plato's "Republic" in twelve weeks.]

I have enclosed several newsletters and put you on the mailing list. You will find several of our semester course offering and the reading in each course.

I wish you well in your studies.

Keep up the good fight.
Tom Martin
[end quote]

Here are some of the Classes they offer at UNK and their readings:
Phil of Mind:
"Essay Concerning Human Understanding", Locke
"Theaetetus", Plato
"Philosophical Investigations", Wittgenstein

Political Phil:
"Ok Kingship", Aquinas
"The Servile State", Belloc
"What's Wrong With the World", Chesterton
"The Possessed", Dostoyevsky
"The Price", Machiavelli
"Social Contract", Rousseau

"The Fall", Camus
"Beyond Good and Evil", Nietzsche
"Notes from the Underground", Dostovesky
"The future of an Illusion", Freud
"Orthodoxy", G.K. Chesterton

A couple of the Board Positions on the Staff of the "Examined Life" periodical are:
Department of Inhumane Affairs
Assistant to the Associate Director of Illogical Practices

I have been delaying it, but I plan on writing Father Schall a letter to see if we can get together for a beer or something. I'll keep everyone posted

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Jaxon Oakley said...

In this letter he has been saying all the things that are being the things which are supposed to be said in front of everyone. So that means this letter is supposed to be released on higher level.

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