Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Need for Control

I will be brief on this issue and maybe explore this to a further degree later.

There has been a push for the controlling of births through the means of Birth Control. Yet, to call something a control for some other thing is to imply that there is something wrong (or dangerous) about that other thing which it seeks to control. Someone might yell at me to "control my kids." Rightly so, they probably are right for yelling such a thing at me, for at that moment my kids might just be doing something wrong or dangerous, and with that being the case they need to be controlled so at to be righted and brought back to normality. However, I cannot seem to figure out exactly what is wrong with birthing that it needs to be controlled. What is it that has made birthing dangerous, wrong, and basically not normal that people feel it must be controlled and and made right again?

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