Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Overhauling Teacher Education

Teacher Education in the Dumps

I said it for year at Louisiana State University when I studied Secondary English Education for four years, but no one seemed to care. At last people are starting to see that Education's goal is not just to give information to a student but to also prepare that student for life's later tasks.

I found it interesting when interviewing College English professors and High School English teachers and the vast difference in opinions of what needs to be taught. High School teachers thought they needed to teach Literature to prepare students for college. College Professors wanted high school teacher to teach basic grammar and writing, so that their students can express an idea on paper.

I taught in the top testing high school in Louisiana for a short time. It was sad that my 9th grade students could not puncuate sentences (many didn't know when or how to use a period), capitalization was right out for these students, and literature was boring for them. If I gave an inclass writing assignment, what was handed in was horrible. If I allowed them to take the assignment home, what was handed in was beautiful. I was glad most of my students had toutors, but I was upset that the tutors usually rewrote my students' papers.

The real question is how does the teacher compete with the TV when their students are disinterested in anything that doesn't make loud noise or flicker?

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