Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sexual Re-Revolution

Redeaming Sexuality

Could it be that people are starting to think that sex is more than just physical intercourse? Can a person get to Heaven by having sex? Of Course! If it is done properly. It is easy to get to China. Just hop on a plane. A plane which has a vector; that is, speed, direction, and magnitude targeted at a specific point. It is impossible to get to China when the plane has its vector headed toward France. Likewise, if a person engages in sex it is possible to get to Heaven; however, it must have the proper vector inorder to get there -- that is, sex must have a particular aim, function, magnitude, and context. If the plane trying to get to China is lacking in the proper and neccessary direction, speed, magnitude, and goal it will not reach its final destination, which in this case is China. The same holds true for sex. If it is lacking in its proper aim, funcion, magnitude, and context it will certainly strain any relationship. I'm not sure about you, but I would prefer to get to Heaven by having sex; in this case, when done with the proper vector, sex can get a person to Heaven and make one holy -- of course, this is only because Christ allows it.

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