Thursday, September 28, 2006

Six Tasks of Catechesis

The 6 Tasks/Aims of Catechesis

The above link is to a short essay I wrote for Catechetics Online. Feel free to check it out.

From Essay:
"Catechesis is more rightly called a "handing on of the faith." To hand on something not only encompasses teaching but also involves showing: a blend of witness and words. It is near futility to tell someone about love and never show him or her what love in action looks like. Handing on the faith need and should begin in love and proceed from love, so that in love we have no other choice but to hand on the faith. By handing on the faith, a person is really handing on life, which leads others to work, walk, and talk hand in hand and face to face with the person of Jesus in an intimate way."
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