Tuesday, September 19, 2006

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults

US Catholic Catechism for Adults

My roommates and I had lunch today with the bishop of Wilmington, Delaware. He is an incredibly nice guy with a great sense of humor. The Bishop gave to us the new "Catholic Catechims for Adults" (CCA) We were all very greatful, for we had planned to buying our own copy. Here is what I have observed about it so far:

1. It is written in a much more conversational tone than the "CCC," but from what I have read so far little to none of the meaning is lost in this new style. In fact there were several passages where I thought the "CCA" explained some beliefs more clearly than the "CCC."

2. The text seems to be designed with the idea that it can be used as a text book -- possibly for RCIA or a Foundation of Faith class. I say this becuase each chapter is broken up into seven sections: (1)Story or Lesson of Faith (usually a Saint), (2)Teaching: Its foundations and Applications, (3)Sidebars, (4)Relationship of Catholic Teaching to the Culture, (5)Questions for Discussion, (6)Doctrinal Statements, and (7)Meditation and Prayer.

3. It is based upon the "CCC." It follows the same 4 pillars of faith that the "CCC" has. They are Creed, Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. Added to this Catechism is an Appendices that includes suggestion for further reading, traditional catholic prayers, and a glossary of terms.

4. There is a lacking of quotes from Scripture. There are some, but not nearly as many as in the "CCC." Likewise with citing church documents, fathers, and saints. This is not a bad thing, for the writing style and audience is different than that of the "CCC."

As of right now, I give this new publication by the US Bishops two thumbs up and would recomend it to any adult seeking to learn more about the Catholic Church's teachings. I would also recomend it to study circles/groups that discuss Chruch doctrine.

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