Saturday, September 23, 2006

Veggie Tales Censored!


I wonder of Orwell was right with his book "1984"?

This is a fine example of free speech unless it costs money or mentions God. I wish I could remember that quote from Chesterton that said something to the effect of Freedom of Religion means having the freedom to talk about everything except religion. Today Freedom of Religion means free to do everything that is not religious. It is really sad that I can turn on the TV and watch some of the most morally offensive programing on Prime time, yet a Children's show that mentions God is not allowed to air on Saturday morning until near all mention of God and the Bible and religion are removed. Didn't NBC know what it was they were buying? Doesn't NBC realize why the show was so successful?

From the Article:
On what needed to be edited from the Veggie Tales episodes to make the suitable for NBC TV.
"The response from NBC was an e-mail with a list of lines that needed to be removed, "each of them containing either the word 'God' or 'Bible"

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