Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Word Made Fresh

Last night I met Mr. T from the A-Team. I’ve always considered Mr. T a wise man, so I though I would ask him a question that many teens have about going to mass. So I asked Mr. T: “Why go to mass? I don’t get anything out of it.”
And this is what he said:

“Mass. I pity the fool who don’t go to mass. It’s not about you fool! If it was about you, we wouldn’t have communion. We would have a oneion. Mass is about your neighbors and God and your sistas and brothas, so if you don’t care about God or others don’t go. But I pity the fool who don’t go to mass. You can’t have a communion in your bedroom.

“Mass, it is the place where heaven and earth meet in heavenly worship fool! You can’t heavenly worship on your couch. The Spirit takes us up to Heaven to worship God in unity with the angels and saints. So, get off you butt, and ask the Spirit to prepare you and inspire you to go to mass. It is the Spirit that prepares us for the mystery of all time: it is unique, eternal, and both in and out of our world. It is a mystery fool! Stop trying to figure everything out, fool! Just get up and go! Jesus is waiting.

“Also, you go to mass to feed your soul. I pity the fool who lets their soul starve. The Mass is the eternal sacrifice and bread is turned into Christ! You can’t turn bread into Jesus in your bedroom! Only the Holy Spirit through the priest does that. Mass is a time when God gives grace through the sacrament. You can’t get this kind of grace eating cheerios on Sunday morning.

“It’s about us changing the world. So if you don’t care about the world and don’t want it to be better stay at home and eat your BBQ. But if you do care. Get to Mass.”


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, but informative, nice job interviewing Mr. T. If he was one of the wise men, I bet he'd bring the gold... chiz-ayne!

Unknown said...

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Rory Dittmer said...

When you are sure that you are having someone to talk about the things that are meant to be new for me. His words are so touching that I am interested to get to know more about him.

Sophie Grace said...

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