Wednesday, October 18, 2006

880 Words On Free, Mature, and Responsible Sex.

In regards to sex, there are those who think that it is the responsible thing to have readily available contraceptive so that people can have free, mature, and responsible sexual encounters. As if a person becomes free, mature, and responsible simply by taking a pill or by donning a piece of rubber, while all aspects of slavery, immaturity, and irresponsibility disappear while on the pill or using protection.

“I am going to have sex,” A person says. “I will be mature and responsible and use contraception,” so goes the monologue given without a thought to whether or not he or she is mature and responsible. If maturity or responsibility was as simple as taking a pill or by putting on an additional piece of clothing, I would image the world would be born mature and responsible, and there would be no real need for growing up, nor would mothers have to chase after sons telling them to “feed the dog” because sons of the world would be born responsible and already do such things. Yet, I cannot call a person mature nor responsible just by the mere fact that they take a pill or put on more clothing than his or her neighbor, for the pill taken could be unhealthy and the clothing put on might be dangerous, both of which actions would not be mature nor responsible.

And I wonder, from what, or even from where, exactly is it that they need to be freed? I don’t see these individuals behind bars nor chained to a chair nor in any other condition of slavery (whether by disease or person) from which they need freeing. I ask, are they freeing themselves from that which they already have: freedom? More importantly, are they revolting against the natural processes of biology and life? It is strange that the person who is already free thinks that he or she needs to be freed from something – as we do all need to be freed from something, but what it is we need freeing from we are often mistaken. All that I can deduce is that these individuals are trying to free themselves from themselves and from their biology; however, they were already free before the ingesting of the pill and such.

I hesitate to say that they are becoming more free, because what really happens is that they go not from freedom to freedom, but from freedom to slavery in the form of a pill or piece of rubber, for to free oneself from freedom is not to make one more free or free at all, but it is to become a slave dependent upon something or someone else. And what it is these people have become dependent upon (or slaves to) is the pill they take and the rubber they don, because they now no longer even think of having sex without this pill or piece of rubber whether inside of marriage or outside of marriage.

Those people who advocate readily available contraceptive want people to have as much sex as possible, as often as possible, and wherever possible -- much like my dog who when in heat engages in as much mating as possible, as often as possible, and wherever possible. Not to mention my dog is only as free as I deem it to be. So to the advocates of such practices have some how decided that they had the authority to allow us to be “free” only so much as they saw us fit to be free, which really means becoming dependent upon them for our needs: i.e. them making us slaves to their products. A part of freedom not only includes saying, “yes,” but also saying, “no.” Those advocators would prefer if people never say, “no” -- much like my dog that can never say, “no.” The question is are they trying to make people fully human and fully alive, or are they trying to make humanity into animals?

On another note, everyone knows that there are no men who are both mature and responsible. We men never really grow beyond the stage where flatulence is humorous and shiny metal objects are distracting – like new cars and earrings, and therefore never really mature. Certainly there are many responsible men in the world. We learn to respond quite well, when given the proper instruction. Moreover, it is said that men are poor communicators, and this especially so when applied to women, for men are exceptionally bad communicators when it comes to women.

Yet, the most fundamental key point to a good relationship – whether sexual or not – is communication. Still there are many who before partaking in the most intimate form of communication (sex) consciously agree with their partner to put up a barrier between themselves. They might as well agree to the building of a brick wall between themselves separating each person from the other before engaging in sexual intercourse. The man might tell her “I love you,” but she only hears “olive juice” through the wall. No wonder so many relationships fail. There are many things in life that I am not sure about, but I do know that actions speak louder than words, and that the last thing any relationship needs is another barrier.


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