Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jesus Been Misbehaving?

I Finally figured out why when Catholic Churches put the tabernacle off to the side and in a corner it bothers me. It is because whenever a person is put in the corner it is because he or she has been bad. Think about it. The only time I was in the corner growing up was when my mother put me there for misbehaving.

If actions, and this includes the placement of things, speak louder than words then those people are making a HUGH statement by putting Christ in the corner.

This might be something small but the corner is no place for a King nor is it any place for God. I could be over reacting, but think about the implications this might have on a child. They associate badness with being placed in the corner and by no fault of their own have in the background of their mind that Jesus is bad -- not evil, not really good either.

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Alexis Ogg said...

Sometimes I have been feeling the same but at the mean time we are not able to do anything. It sure seems to be the most obvious thing that I have been doing for the rest of my life.

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