Saturday, October 14, 2006

Non-Religious Arguments

I was discussing with a person the issues of contraception. He wanted to have a "non-religious" argument. Mid way through the conversation I realized his "non-religious" and my "non-religous" view were different. After him accusing me of using religion in the argument, which I never did, I asked him to clarify what he meant by "non-religious". This is how I phrased the request.

[begin quote]
"Non-religious," do you mean scientific? Do you mean atheistic? Can an agnostic enter in the debate? What about the Humanists? What for the people who are spiritual but don't claim religion -- can they participate? I know of many different religions, but I have never heard of a "non-religion" in our world of which that has been qualified, so that we can have such a "non-religious" debate about something such as contraception. Because there are no "non-religions" we can have no "non-religious" arguments. Therefore the only argument can be a religious argument. The question is, which religion do you want to use as your basis for your argument.
[end quote]


Anonymous said...

Maybe what he meant by "non-religious" was a conversation that didn't involve you showcasing your cleverness by discussing what "non-religious" meant. It's nice to know you're humble enough to quote yourself.

Ken said...

Calling upon God is always an absolute position for the utterly faithful, but has little relevance to people who use their free will to ignore or disavow religion. That creates a special conundrum for people living in a free country - what laws shall we follow, if all major religions (and the lack of) are allowed? America, to use the greatest example, must allow the loosest and most liberal of freedoms in order to accomodate the directions each individual wants to go in, but without infringing upon basic rights. At least, that's the concept. It's still quite experimental, even 200 years later.

So this guy is approaching it from what should be most loosely allowed, and you are approaching it from the party line. Both must look beneath and find out for broad each view will go. Are you promoting a contraceptive ban for all of humanity? For your religion alone? How does the Church feel about non-Catholics not listening to you? How are they different, say, from fundamentalists of other religions demanding their tenets be law?

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