Saturday, October 28, 2006


Chesterton wrote in an essay that "Modern people think the supernatural so improbable that they want to see it. I think it so probable that I leave it alone. Spirits are not worth all this fuss; I know that, for I am one myself" ("Skepticism and Spiritualism" Illustrated London News, April 14, 1906).

Here are a lits of TV shows that involve the Paranormal and Supernatural. The shows in bold are the ones that try to pass themselves as non-fiction, non-biases, documentary. As far as I can recall, all the shows listed by channel can still be seen on TV.

I think Chesterton is right. Just look at the number of shows on TV alone.

Court TV
-Psychic Detectives
-Haunting Evidence

Travel Channel
-Most Haunted
-Ghost Hunters

Biography Channel
-Dead Famous

-The Dead Zone

-Ghost Hunters
-SciFi Investigates

Discovery Channel
-One Step Beyond

-Ghost Whisperer


The WB


Coming Soon…..
-Ghost Encounters (channel, time, and day not yet determined)

No longer running or Not sure if still on air
-Unsolved Mysteries
-Unexplained Mysteries
-Crossing Over
-Author C Clarke’s Mysterious World
-Author C Clarke’s Mysterious Universe
-Proof Positive


Anonymous said...

Discovery Channel:
A Haunting

super scary.

Anonymous said...

Discovery Channel:
A Haunting

super scary.

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