Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You are what you eat.

The Church where I work asked me to do a very short reflection for the bulletin this week. This is what I wrote. I might go more into this a bit later. I was limited to about 250 words.

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“You are what you eat,” or at least that is how the popular phrase goes. There exists (or at least should exist) a practical application of theology to life. So we ask, “what does the phrase ‘You are what you eat’ mean to the Christian-Catholic?” If the following statement is true then humanity has no choice but to die because all the food humanity consumes is dead. It is a sad fate of death for humanity: one of the only two inevitable things in life – the other being taxes.

But imagine for one moment that there is a food that is living and does not die. STOP! No need to imagine. We Catholics have such a reality and food found in the form of the Blessed Eucharist, which is truly the Body and Blood of Christ. It is through the participation in the Blessed Sacrament that we too might have life and nourishment for our souls. You wouldn’t go a week without eating. Why go a week without feeding your soul?

Moreover, if the first statement is true then not only are we invited to have life from Christ, but we are also called to be Christ to one another. Christ has no other hands but ours and no other feet then our own. So what are you doing to bring Christ to others, and what are you going to do about it right now?
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