Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Brief Reflection on Gay Marriages, Happiness, and the Family

Gay marriages are justifiable if companionship and sexual gratification are marriage’s ultimate end. However, this goes against what every culture in history has acknowledged to be the center of marriage: the rearing and raising of children.

Happiness is a factor in any relationship, but it has never been the primary reason for marriage. A couple might insist that they have chemistry. Chemistry is neither a good reason for marriage, for chemistry can explode. I feel much safer leaving the chemistry to chemists and not to the lovers, for lovers are not only blind but also deaf and dumb and when working with chemistry it is safer to have a person who can see, hear, and think while working with chemicals. Surely love, happiness, and chemistry all add meaning, value, and beauty to any relationship; however, it is not the definitive reason for marriage.

The survival of our society has always depended upon the survival of the family and we owe our continual survival to the family: more specifically, the relations between a man and a woman in the institute that is marriage. Birthing, marriage, and sexual relations must not be treated in a utilitarian sense, for once this occurs marriage, family, babies, birthing all become things to be outsourced to other people, places, and things.

But in a homosexual marriage, this is exactly how fertility and humanity are treated: as things to be used as a means to an end. The end never justifies the means, regardless of how nice you treat the mean or how well intentioned the party might be. After all, Hitler too was well intentioned.

The Canadian TV show host Michael Coren commented, “If marriage is suddenly fundamentally altered to include people of the same gender, it loses its genuine meaning to the rest of us. We may include the earthworm in the cat family. Does this make worms feline? Of course not. But it destroys the definition of cat.”

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