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Chesterton on Nietzsche

I emailed Nancy C Brown asking her about Nietzshe and Chesterton. Nancy is one of the Main contributer for The Blog of the American Chesterton Society. Below is a copy of the Email. Notice that she gave me all the references of when Chesterton mentions Nietzsche by name. Nancy did not include the unnamed references and allusions Chesterton makes to Nietzsche's philosophy, so I can only imagine how much longer this list might be if we had those references also. I could not believe the length of the list Nancy emailed with: I was shocked by its size. She briefly explained that at the American Chesterton Society Dale and friends are working on a project call "The AMBER Chesterton". The Amber project's goal is to have all of Chesterton's writings in electronic formate so they can be searched according to words and topics.

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The sentences are incomplete and are often ripped straight from the text. Don't get confused by the sentence ending and beginning in a strange manner.

Here is the Email from Nancy:

HI Paul,
Someone at a Chesterton conference gave a talk on this, we're looking it up to see who it was. it was a few years ago.

Meanwhile, you can look these things up, if you so desire. They are all of the reference Chesterton made to Nietzsche in any of his writings (as you can see, there are TONS!). Each heading tells you what year the book was published and the title of the book, and down the left side is the page number.

Good luck with what you are thinking and working on,
God bless,


1902 George Frederick Watts
17 t Baudelaire is loathsome, or Nietzsche inhuman, because we stand in

1903 Varied Types
122 ws most of the philosophy of Nietzsche, who is in modern times the s
122 oonstruck consistency. Though Nietzsche and Carlyle were in reality p
122 ng a stiff-necked peasant and Nietzsche a very fragile aristocrat, th
122 en and earth. The disciple of Nietzsche, indeed, embraces immorality

1905 Heretics
53 Tolstoy, or spare nobody with Nietzsche; - these are the things about
68 l weakness of his new master, Nietzsche, the strange notion that the
80 e cannot even call him great. Nietzsche summed up all that is interes
82 e human than humanity itself. Nietzsche's Superman is cold and friend
82 that he feels more. And when Nietzsche says, "A new commandment I gi
139 ost unpardonable of virtues. Nietzsche, who represents most prominen
139 we may regard it as pathetic. Nietzsche's aristocracy has about it al
139 a suffocating smell. But when Nietzsche has the incredible lack of hu
146 hical conservatives, not even Nietzsche, let him read the Bow Bells N
146 s Novelettes. Of the case of Nietzsche I am confessedly more doubtfu
146 am confessedly more doubtful. Nietzsche and the Bow Bells Novelettes
147 dislike of hurting the weak. Nietzsche, on the other hand, attribute

1906 Charles Dickens
165 even mild. A modern man like Nietzsche, a modern man like Gorky, a

1906 Illustrated London News - 1906 - CW 27
Jul 21 rifice." Men of the school of Nietzsche or of Mr. Bernard Shaw often
Nov 10 ed by physical weaklings like Nietzsche it is a very serious thing ev

1907 The Man Who Was Thursday
491 e position of those who, like Nietzsche, admire violence - the proud,

1908 All Things Considered
104 ed by physical weaklings like Nietzsche it is a very serious thing ev

1908 Illustrated London News - 1908 - CW 28
Aug 15 re many other instances. Poor Nietzsche had much of the irritation of
Aug 15 vernous brain of the American Nietzsche, a sublime donkey who actuall
Dec 19 m and Breathing Exercises and Nietzsche and Art Nouveau, and plays al
Dec 19 isoned Puritan whose name was Nietzsche started his idea of a Superma
Dec 19 tter still. An Anarchist like Nietzsche has a right to talk of "the S
Dec 19 ame. This, I suppose, is what Nietzsche did. He said: "Throw all crea
Dec 19 pitiful phrase in which poor Nietzsche expressed his hazy intention

1908 Orthodoxy
238 nt, which implies a standard? Nietzsche started a nonsensical idea th
241 . It came, I suppose, through Nietzsche, who preached something that
241 was simple-minded enough; for Nietzsche denied egoism simply by preac
243 ll the will-worshippers, from Nietzsche to Mr. Davidson, are really q
245 principle to be fierce about. Nietzsche had some natural talent for s
245 ng he denounces. But, indeed, Nietzsche will stand very well as the t
246 s not a physical accident. If Nietzsche had not ended in imbecility,
246 had not ended in imbecility, Nietzscheism would end in imbecility. T
246 of law end in the same void. Nietzsche scales staggering mountains,
246 ial actions are evil. But the Nietzscheite's will is quite equally fr
246 of Schopenhauer and Tolstoy, Nietzsche and Shaw, as clearly as an in
247 or by accepting them all like Nietzsche. She chose a path, and went d
247 was true either in Tolstoy or Nietzsche, all that was even tolerable
247 nd proud and pathetic in poor Nietzsche, and his mutiny against the e
247 not afraid of an army, while Nietzsche, for all we know, was afraid
247 peasant; she was the peasant. Nietzsche only praised the warrior; she
309 almost the whole weakness of Nietzsche, whom some are representing a
309 ard, fearless men of thought. Nietzsche always escaped a question by
309 acrobats or alpine climbers. Nietzsche is truly a very timid thinker
312 stablished. It was Karl Marx, Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Cunninghame Grahame
312 s. He is a Marxian one day, a Nietzscheite the next day, a Superman (
318 evolve along the opposite or Nietzschean line of development - super
327 ar Levy, the only intelligent Nietzscheite) who can even manage for a

1909 George Bernard Shaw
449 sure of the presence of some Nietzscheite professor, who will expla
460 think, in Shaw's discovery of Nietzsche. This eloquent sophist has an
460 equately to study. By descent Nietzsche was a Pole, and probably a Po
460 good thing. I do not know if Nietzsche ever used the illustration; b
460 that is credible or sound in Nietzsche could be stated in the deriva
461 so far as he maintained this Nietzsche was only taking part in that
461 since the sixteenth century. Nietzsche imagined he was rebelling aga
461 There are indeed doctrines of Nietzsche that are not Christian, but t
461 ainly a nuisance that the one Nietzsche doctrine which attracted him
461 attracted him was not the one Nietzsche doctrine that is human and re
461 that is human and rectifying. Nietzsche might really have done some g
461 his least convincing phrases, Nietzsche had said that just as the ape
462 been many times asked of the Nietzscheites, and none of the Nietzsch
462 ietzscheites, and none of the Nietzscheites has even attempted to ans
462 this time came to the help of Nietzsche and established the Superman
464 ive realism, the discovery of Nietzsche, and the abandonment of the i

1910 The Ball and the Cross
239 Bartholomew. But your modern Nietzsche will tell you that massacre w

1910 What's Wrong With the World
136 racy, sophists like Burke and Nietzsche, have never claimed for arist

1911 Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens
255 se sign than that a man, even Nietzsche, can be found to say that we

1911 The Future of Religion - Mr. G. K. Chesterton's Reply to Mr. Bernard Shaw
7 eclipsed, for they were not. @Nietzsche Off his Head.@We were living
7 an religion had been revived. Nietzsche, who, although he was entirel

1911 Illustrated London News - 1911 - CW 29
Mar 11 the writer has read too much Nietzsche and Shaw, and too little of l

1911 The Innocence of Father Brown
180 re he was the blonde beast of Nietzsche, but all this animal beauty w

1912 Illustrated London News - 1912 - CW 29
Apr 13 letter about the splendour of Nietzsche and the contemptibility of co
Apr 13 surd." So far, I quite agree. Nietzsche could not have pictured anyth
Apr 13 he had not the imagination. Nietzsche could not have created anybod
Apr 13 more solid and creative than Nietzsche's. Nietzsche could only hazil
Apr 13 nd creative than Nietzsche's. Nietzsche could only hazily describe an
Apr 13 though he had never seen it.@Nietzsche was a great epigrammatist, an
Apr 13 ulptor or a Venetian painter. Nietzsche was no more capable of making
Apr 13 ove mentioned that to compare Nietzsche with Dickens or Carlyle was a

1912 Manalive
155 ,' I remarked. 'Ibsen, Gorki, Nietzsche, Shaw, would all say rather t
155 conventional in my time! Why, Nietzsche stood in a row of ramrods in

1914 The Flying Inn
318 passion in his eyes. "Doesn't Nietzsche say somewhere that the delig

1914 Illustrated London News - 1914 - CW 30
Mar 21 , it is better to kill logic. Nietzsche was something like an Apostle
Aug 22 original roots were rather in Nietzsche than in Francis of Assisi. "R

1915 The Appetite of Tyranny
258 n; forget not thy whip," said Nietzsche. It will be observed that he
272 must have chaos within" said Nietzsche, "that we may give birth to a

1916 Illustrated London News - 1916 - CW 30
Jun 24 o do so," said their prophet, Nietzsche, when he spoke of the weak pe

1918 Illustrated London News - 1918 - CW 31
May 11 dealism; and from articles on Nietzsche the way to be a Superman who

1919 Irish Impressions
213 that can swallow him. But the Nietzschean nightmare of swallowing the

1920 The Superstition of Divorce
231 this: that if the nonsense of Nietzsche or some such sophist submerge

1921 Illustrated London News - 1921 - CW 32
Jan 15 r a little of the nonsense of Nietzsche. It is true that there has be
Jan 15 e. But for practical purposes Nietzsche was quite as negative as Scho
Jan 15 as Schopenhauer. The optimist Nietzsche would have no more interested
Jan 15 Schopenhauer. The militarist Nietzsche would no more have drawn the
Jan 15 brutal energy at an age when Nietzsche, the northern superman, was a

1921 The New Jerusalem
325 George Moore was anticipating Nietzsche, sailing near, as he said, "t

1922 Eugenics and Other Evils
293 hen the evolutionary fancy of Nietzsche was the new cry among the int
356 ldness for its own sake, like Nietzsche or the anarchic poets, but on
362 esome a fancy as the spawn of Nietzsche suppose to-day. No human bein
417 beian mirth. The very name of Nietzsche, who had held up this hope of

1922 Illustrated London News - 1922 - CW 32
Mar 18 a decadent Roman emperor or a Nietzschean maniac would never have pou
Oct 07 re may be a certain amount of Nietzschean nonsense mixed up with the
Oct 07 erence between D'Annunzio and Nietzsche, both national and personal,
Oct 07 h national and personal, that Nietzsche praised fighting and D'Annunz

1922 What I Saw In America
100 lked more of Macaulay than of Nietzsche, we should probably talk more

1923 Illustrated London News - 1923 - CW 33
Jun 09 material acts of mercy. Some Nietzschean nature-worshippers do not a
Jun 09 t of a Christian Scientist, a Nietzschean, a Conscientious Objector,
Sep 15 y-house. The wilder figure of Nietzsche would cross the traveller's

1924 Illustrated London News - 1924 - CW 33
Mar 08 a quite literal lunatic named Nietzsche. Yet how vivid that utterly u

1924 St. Francis of Assisi
79 hopenhauer scorning life or a Nietzsche living only for scorn. But th

1925 Illustrated London News - 1925 - CW 33
Feb 14 ed like the "dancing star" of Nietzsche. It might turn into a triple

1927 The Catholic Church and Conversion
123 in all natural things; or the Nietzschean theory that nature is evolv

1927 Robert Louis Stevenson
92 ttle inclined to cry with the Nietzschean: 'Greatness is God.' In som

1928 Illustrated London News - 1928 - CW 34
Mar 31 as much as to the opinions of Nietzsche. The Superman of the future m
Mar 31 m as he would differ from me. Nietzsche certainly did appear to inclu
May 26 lution. Some, like the insane Nietzsche, said we must prefer evolutio

1929 G.K.C. as M.C.
17 le to Hume and from Hobbes to Nietzsche. So good a gentleman as Holme

1929 Generally Speaking
270 a decadent Roman emperor or a Nietzschean maniac would never have pou

1929 Illustrated London News - 1929 - CW 35
Jan 12 r in the staggering phrase of Nietzsche: "Your life is intolerable wi
Apr 06 arlatans - were Carlyle and Nietzsche and Ibsen and Tolstoy and Har
Sep 14 for instance, as developed by Nietzsche and other sophists, depends e

1929 The Thing - Why I Am a Catholic
154 e pain of the world. Not only Nietzsche, but many Neo-Pagans working

1930 Illustrated London News - 1930 - CW 35
Jun 14 ll the windy violence of some Nietzschean imitation of the Hammer of
Jun 14 destructive, like his master Nietzsche before him. What I complain o
Aug 02 nity. And everybody knows how Nietzsche uttered this revelation, with
Aug 02 the most lively sceptic. For Nietzsche's views, in his best days, we
Aug 09 or Buddha or Aquinas or even Nietzsche, which are the food of the mi
Aug 30 penhauer to go back to India; Nietzsche to go back to chaos. I do not

1932 All Is Grist
62 ll the windy violence of some Nietzschean imitation of the Hammer of
62 destructive, like his mister Nietzsche before him. What I complain o
72 penhauer to go back to India; Nietzsche to go back to chaos. I do not
149 nity. And everybody knows how Nietzsche uttered this revelation, with
149 the most lively sceptic. For Nietzsche's views, in his best days, we

1932 Chaucer
167 he system of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche and Marx and all the rest. In

1932 Illustrated London News - 1932
Apr 16 ions. From the North come the Nietzsches and the Schopenhauers, and a

1933 Illustrated London News - 1933
Sep 09 ind from modern writers; from Nietzsche, from Carlyle, from George Mo

1933 St. Thomas Aquinas
490 ke Buddha on the one hand or Nietzsche on the other. It is when we s
491 as the Sorrowful Wheel, poor Nietzsche actually managed to describe
491 But as a fact, in the case of Nietzsche, this did not belong to the m

1934 Illustrated London News - 1934
Apr 07 strike. I had head all about Nietzsche and the master Mind and the r
Aug 11 t almost looks as if poor old Nietzsche's notion of an "Inversion of

1935 Illustrated London News - 1935
Jun 29 That is what happened to poor Nietzsche, leading him to write that se

1935 The Well and the Shallows
400 gs. A little while afterwards Nietzsche took the next step by throwin

1936 As I Was Saying
160 That is what happened to poor Nietzsche, leading him to write that se

1936 The Autobiography of G. K. Chesterton
141 ding against the new ethic of Nietzsche the old ethic of Naboth. This
152 ere somebody was lecturing on Nietzsche; and where the debators (by t
152 m the gratifying thought that Nietzsche attacked Christianity to the
152 o got up and pointed out that Nietzsche would be even more opposed to
153 at second or third hand; from Nietzsche or Tolstoy or Ibsen or Shaw;
154 nor occasion of the debate on Nietzsche. All that clique, in praising
154 lready noted in the debate on Nietzsche. It was the farcical curate,
170 tic shadow of the Superman of Nietzsche and Shaw. Their hearts were i

1936 Illustrated London News - 1936
May 16 you with the calm insanity of Nietzsche and say: "Of course, they are

1937 Father Brown on Chesterton
88 of the Superman, about which Nietzsche had done a book or books, and
168 ed to say. It was his copy of Nietzsche's Zarathustra that I read qui

1940 The End of the Armistice
621 of The Struggle for Life, as Nietzsche and Henley preached it in my

1950 The Common Man
23 e and feminine eloquence like Nietzsche, and sometimes of an admirabl
23 nciful and younger theorists. Nietzsche, as every one knows, preached
24 u will find not only all that Nietzsche had to say put into two lines
24 d it put in the very words of Nietzsche. Richard Crookback says to hi
24 n. Shakespeare had thought of Nietzsche and the Master Morality; but
24 man like Richard, a man like Nietzsche. This case alone ought to des
24 t Shakespeare did not see the Nietzsche idea; he saw it, and he saw t

1953 A Handful of Authors - Essays on Books and Writers
138 enemy of the people than poor Nietzsche. To this day those few of the

1966 The Spice of Life
12 opher of force and supremacy, Nietzsche, and he died in a madhouse. T
12 endly and hostile, said about Nietzsche's philosophy, but few so far
12 for the strong man. If any of Nietzsche's followers wish to find the

1968 Chesterton Continued
100 ways and Mr. Mencken admires Nietzsche in all sorts of ways; sometim
100 , Mr. Mencken does not admire Nietzsche in a festive way. He does not
100 es, to celebrate the day when Nietzsche was born; or the day he went
100 pposed to be the sacred date. Nietzsche said he was AntiChrist. But M

1989 Essays on Shaw (From CW 11)
512 is as yet news from nowhere. Nietzsche's appeal to him to be a good
514 says someone (it sounds like Nietzsche), and all that can be said in
601 he time of the earlier play, "Nietzsche is at least right in one sent

1993 Collected Works Volume 14 (Part I c)
376 e been tempted to go mad like Nietzsche or turn peasant like Tolstoy.

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