Thursday, November 09, 2006

Feminisism, Pelosi, and Speaker of the House

Just Another Speaker

Any moment now the Media will start making a hugh deal out of Pelosi being the first female Speaker of the House. The feminist will gather and toast their accomplishments saying, "Look how far we have come." all the while agreeing simultaneously that they have not gone far enough; yet, none of the feminist dare qualify by stating how far is far enough. Exactly how is an unqualified goal to be reached? What the feminists really have is no goal at which to aim, and what they do is really only progress for the sake of progress. Progress for Progress' sake can and is dangerous for no end has be stated and how can a person begin if there is no end in sight? Where are the feminists headed: to the home, to the car, perhaps their goal is one of love or contrary to love? I don't know, they have never stated.

I don't see why people are going to make such a big deal out of a woman Speaker. Certainly, it is of note that she is the first female Speaker. But the truth of the matter is that she will be the 60th Speaker for the United States. Pelosi will certainly receive a spot in all future American history textbooks, but as of now she deserves little more mention then that she was the first female Speaker. Now if she was the first ever Speaker of the House, there would be no blowing it out of proportion, but the United States already had one of those back in 1789 -- his name is Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg.

I'm a fan of calling a thing what it is. What I see is that at the heart of the reality is that 59 other persons were speakers before Pelosi. Why now should we as Americans take note of the matter and elevate one Speaker above the rest just from the mere fact that the person behind the podium happens to look different than the previous 59?

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