Monday, November 13, 2006

Fratties SUE Borat

Humiliated S.C. Frat Boys Sue 'Borat'

Over their appearance in the recent blockbuster mockumentery, two Chi Psi fraternity members are sueing Borat.

The article reads:
Two fraternity members from a South Carolina university are suing over their appearance in the hit movie "Borat," saying they were duped into making racist and sexist remarks.

For anyone who has seen the movie realizes how inebreated these frat brothers were. There was no need for them to be duped into anything. Besides, if the old maxim is true that in wine there is truth, I would be hard press to believe that these individuals were not speaking their true feelings. After all, I am from the deep South and have had many encounters with these kinds of Fraternity members.

Besides, they should be happy that they have had the opportunity to make an entire nation laugh, and in doing so they have added to the general happiness of the country.

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