Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm so vain. About Me.

From my Profile:

As my picture suggests, I was made in the womb. After residing approximately 9 months there, I noticed that my domicile was shrinking, and if I didn't act quick I was going to be without room. So out I went, and for 25 years I resided in South Louisiana with shorts stays in North Carolina and West Virginia. I did my Undergrad at Louisiana State University in General Studies, which means I can speak about most things generally or about general things in an knowledgeable manner. I am also a founding Memeber of the LSU-Parousians. Check us out at I am the EAST COAST representative for the group. Currently, I am working on an MA in Theology from University of Notre Dame through a program called ECHO. The program took me to Wilmington, Delaware to work in a church as a DRE Apprentice.

On my spare time: I help old ladies cross the street, leap tall building in a single bound, wrestle bears and other woodland creatures. Make the world safe for democracy and justice. I program VCR for free, rescue endangered mountain climbers from the top of Mt. Mckinley, reroute rivers to drought ridden plains in Africa. Last Monday I read the entire "SUMMA THEOLOGICA", "BIBLE", and the "Collected works of GK Chesterton" and still had time to go to the store, walk the dog, and remodel the bathroom. I discovered the meaning of life, but forgot to write it down. I solved the energy crisis, but this time I was without a pen and could not write it down -- shortly after, I forgot it.

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