Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Loyal Daughters:Sexuality and Sexual Assault as told by Notre Dame Students

In many ways, it was "The Vagina Monologues" tailored to the Notre Dame community, as a professor mentioned in a panel discussion after the play. (And, in a play about sexuality, there was not a shortage of characters who were Catholic and waiting until marriage.)

How does a person decided where to draw the line? When a message needs to be spoken how does one person witness to a heinous action while remaining true to his or her faith? That is how does a person, using a message that is against her faith, build up her faith?

This play sounds well intentioned, as it tries to portray the realities found on a university campus. But we all know that well intentioned people are not always doing the right thing.


Damon Lynch said...

So what's your point, exactly? I had trouble discerning that, to be honest :)

Paul Cat said...

My Point: Was the writer using the best vehicle for her message? As well intentioned as some people are, they don't always express their message in the best of ways. I don't think that a message always need be shocking. In fact that is what turns me off to people who want me to listen. They want that quick emotive response over the right rational response.

It is like those pro-life people who cary around the big signs of aborted babies or the ones who dress as doctors covered in blood and scream at people outside of abortion clinics.

The panel will definitely encourage good discussion.

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