Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mary the Mother of God: Ninja of the Catholic Church

This is something I did for the youth group. Oh the the pains of finding creative ways to educate the youths today.

Padre Pio often referred to the Rosary as "THE WEAPON". If the Rosary is the weapon then that makes Mary the one who wields the Weapon; in other words, Mary is Ninja.

-Kept all things in her heart. (remained silent)
-Crushes the head of the serpent.
-was assumed into heaven (it looks like she flew).
-says "yes" to a mission impossible to everyone else except herself.
-prays all the time. (She is in Heaven. What do you expect?)

-is Silent. Stealth
-Can crush your head.
-can fly (or at least jump really high)
-says "yes" the those missions impossible to everyone else except ninja.
-Fights all the time.

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