Monday, November 13, 2006

My Business. Your Business. Whose Business? Our Business.

There are those people who insist that there are somethings that are not my business -- or other people's business for that matter. So I ask, what is my business, and what is not my business?

I would imagine that anything that does not effect me is not my business and everything that does have an effect upon me is my business.

After much mental work I think it is safe to say that the following things are none of my business: What people name their children; how people wear their hair; how people walk, jog, and run; whether a person eats beans on Monday as opposed to Tuesday; there can be more, but they only get sillier.

These are the things that do seem to be my business: My country, My religion (and other religions too), The state of the world in which I live, Life, Liberty, Happiness, the well being of my neighbor, my family, what is shown on TV, what is reported in the news, truth, reason, lies, health, medicine, the things people believe, government, big business, and the list can continue.

My exercise was to try and find ways that I am not connected to my neighbor: I seem to have found few. The truth is that humanity is interdependent upon one another and connected -- to a certain degree, even if unknown -- to one another, and each person can affect one another depending upon what actions he or she makes. This is similar to Newton's Law of motion: for every action there is a reaction.

If it is true that all of humanity is connected and each person to the other, then it only makes sense that what my neighbor decides and how he or she acts concerns me, for I am connected to him or her and either can, and more likely will, have an effect on me. The question then becomes to what degree is a person’s actions and decisions my business?

It is clear that the actions a person takes will have varying degrees of reactions upon a person (and community) depending upon the act which follows the decision: i.e. if I wear a blue shit as opposed to a purple shirt will produce a different kind of reaction in my community (and very much one of little importance and significance of note) then if my neighbor decides to eat himself or herself to death. Both actions are my business but to different degrees. It is no interest to me how my neighbor dresses, so the degree of it being my business is only a slight one. It is of great interest to me a person’s life. For a person has much more influence upon the world than the dress of a person can ever have. Because life has much more influence upon the world then a shirt will ever have, life is of great importance and is very much everyone’s business to high degree.

So I ask again: what is my business? The World is my business.
The real question people should be asking is: to what degree are your actions and decisions my business?

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