Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Office Proposal

Here is a copy of a proposal I am submitting for the upcoming staff meeting. I hope it goes well and is accepted.

My proposal:
I would like to bring to the table at this week’s staff meeting the proposal of getting fresh, warm, perfectly glazed donuts for the donut ministry table after the Liturgies on Sunday. I do believe this will entice the congregation to do more fellowshipping after the weekend celebration. Just imagine the fresh delectable sent the donuts with produce. How can a person resist such a pleasurable odor and rush out of the church without first inquiring into where the baked smell of goodness is originating? By having the fresh, warm, perfectly glazed donuts, it will also supply the opportunity for parishioners to further minister to those who are in need ministering, and it will also provide the opportunity to promote said ministries. Not only should we feed the body, but also the soul.

I propose that by focusing on feeding the body first, it will only make it easier to feed the person’s soul. Where there is good food there will be good people. Where there is good people there will be good company. Where there is good company there will be good food.

I am Paul Cat, and I approve this message.

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