Friday, November 17, 2006

Playstation 3 Violence

Hmmm, what a coincidence to my previous post. I guess video games really DO cause violence. It's happening nationwide.

Playstation Pandemonium

Watch Stampede in Wisconsin for PS3: people hurt

PS3 and the risks to get one

Mayham Surrounds PS3 Scant Supply

3 robed in Oregon for PS3

Boston Mall cleared over PS3

PS3 Gone Wild in California as Police intervene

3 men held up in Oregon for PS3
1 Man shot in Conn.
Stampede in Wisconsin
People in Kentucky Shot by BB gun while waiting in line for store to open.
1 boy robed at gun point in parking lot in a Penn. Mall
Mall in Boston Closed due to PS3 Release.

The list continues.....

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