Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ReflectionnoitcefleR on LOUD MUSAK

For those who don't know, I live in a renovated convent on the grounds of a local catholic high school about 30 feet from the parking lot. The last few days I have been waking up an hour and a half earlier than normal -- not by any fault of my own. Turns out one of the students (a senior) just received a new car from his parents equipped with the latest trunk rattlin' stereo system. As I type, my sleeping problem is being solved. The last couple of days has allowed me to reflect upon music -- especially the kind that rattles my windows in the morning.

Why is it that the latest rap, hip-hop, rock, metal song needs to be played at such ear bursting levels? Why does it seem to loses its impact when it is played softly? My conclusion: it is the desire to be heard and to make a statement. If I wanted to be heard -- which all people do, for it is a natural human desire to be heard and listened to by other people -- by people who are not paying me attention, clearly the best way to do it is to speak/yell/sing over them. This isn't really a matter of being taken seriously, but it is a matter of being listened to and heard. For example, I don't take much of the messages from rap and other music genera seriously -- in fact, it is often comical. However, I can't help but listen to said music because it is being played loud enough to wake the deaf.

Still, if a person is not speaking (or yelling) loud enough there is no possible way they will be heard over the crowd, so they stack the cards in their favor. Maybe they get a new stereo system they can crank to 11 when they need that extra something. Perhaps they will dress differently -- after all, if I want to stand out of the crowd I have to do something different from the crowd. Other things that fall into this category: certain kinds of language, unusual number of piercings, unhealthy obsession with self mortification, and the list can continue.

Every villain in nearly every movie exhibits this desire to be heard by first formulating a plan to take over the world. If people won't voluntarily listen to him then he is going to make them listen to him (much like the high school student). It even runs so deep that he even spills his guts to his arch rival (maybe James Bond) to the extent that he reveals every detail about his plan for world domination. All because he has a desire that needs to be fulfilled, and instead of seeking out a healthy means of fulfillment, he does something foolish: like build a laser on the moon or construct an under water city.

I propose that much of the silly antics of our world might end if people learned to listen to one another. If someone is listening to me, I don't have to shout. I don't have to do some strange action to draw attention to my self so that people will listen. All I have to do is speak, and I will be heard.

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