Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Word Made Fresh: Flava Flav on the Resurrection

Yeeeeeeaaaaah, Booooooyyyyyeeeee! The resurrection. It’s so dramatical. My boy JC, that’s Jesus Christ, He rose from the dead. Can you believe that? A dead man rising from his grave! Ain’t that something!

This ain’t no joke. G like died on the cross for your stupid sins, I mean “G” as in God, and he even had a gang too – with like 12 members: one of them even backed stabbed him and gave him over to the po-lice. He had G assassinated. Like he was Biggie Smalls or 2-Pac or sum'in. You can’t kill God. Them be stupids thinking they could kill God.

If G hadn’t risen from the dead, do you think that his gang would have went around pub-bliss-i-sizing the resurrection like they did? Well, they wouldn’t have, cause they be lyin’ if they did that. And that would make them bad Jews. I ain’t scared to say this, and you should be dither, because it is the Truth.

Don’t think that someone jacked his body. Nobody came and stole his body. There’s no 5-finger discount at the resurrection. That’s just made up stuff so some punk guard could keep his job, fo' sho'. The tomb was empty cause JC rose and walked out. Not cause someone stole his body. Where is his body now? Not here. It’s in Heaven you corn-hole fool. Stop looking and start prayin’.

After He rose, He was seen all over the place. It was like JC was A-listed everywhere. The Rock, Peter, saw him before the gang. Some brothas on the road to Emmaus say Him. He was even in a room and let this dude put his hand in his wounds. Shoot, JC even ate fish. Dead people don’t eat fish, only living people eat. He wasn’t just some ghost trying to spook people. Ghosts don’t eat. They don’t even have stomachs. Don’t believe me? It’s in the Bible. Look it up.

Yeah Boye! The resurrection. It’s fo’ real yo. You can’t make up something this dramatical.


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