Thursday, December 28, 2006

Let’s Have More Teen Pregnancy: It's not a problem

Here is an Argument and Article by Frederica Mathewes-Green for having more teenage mothers. Read it all: there is a twist in it.
Let’s Have More Teen Pregnancy
But teen pregnancy, in itself, is not such a bad thing. By the age of 18, a young woman's body is well prepared for childbearing. Young men are equally qualified to do their part. Both may have better success at the enterprise than they would in later years, as some health risks — Cesarean section and Down Syndrome, for example — increase with passing years. (The dangers we associate with teen pregnancy, on the other hand, are behavioral, not biological: drug use, STD's, prior abortion, extreme youth, and lack of prenatal care.) A woman's fertility has already begun to decline at 25 — one reason the population-control crowd promotes delayed childbearing. Early childbearing also rewards a woman's health with added protection against breast cancer.

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