Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Parousian Invasion

The Parousians are coming! The Parousians are coming! Head for the local coffee shops, universities, waffle houses and domiciles, and get on board. They started in a corner of the Student Union at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and now they are invading America. Catholic and Enjoying it! Blogger, Mark Shea said the Parousians are "gung ho young Catholics and a sign of hope for our world."

Who are these people with such a strange name? Go here to find out straight from them. But continue reading if you wan’t my words of the group.

Following in the footsteps of Walker Percy’s Son’s and Daughters of the Apocylapse and Lewis’ Inklings, The Parousians seek to educate themselves in the ways of liberal arts, sciences, and any other topic of interest where each member shares his or her expertise on a number of subjects to the group in a Catholic setting. What The Parousians have crafted here is a symposium of a new sort for the informal Catholic with the desire to learn. They seek not to change the world from an aggressive outside in approach, but quest for conversion from the inside out. They boast a long list of great Catholic heroes. With heroes this good, there is no way this group can be bad!

Not quite a year old, the organization is starting to spread. They are posting groups at other universities in addition to the original LSU branch: University of Louisiana in Laffayette, University of Florida in Gainsville, and there is talk about forming a group at Indiana University. If you are interested in starting a Parousian branch in your area visit their blog and drop them an email.

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