Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pornography Plague

Bishops Concerned Over Effects on Society and Marriage
Today perhaps more so than at any time previously, man finds his gift of sight and therefore his vision of God distorted by the evil of pornography." ... "It obscures and destroys people's ability to see one another as unique and beautiful expressions of God's creation, instead darkening their vision, causing them to view others as objects to be used and manipulated."

Bishop Loverde also noted that the experience of pornography "changes the way men and women treat one another in sometimes dramatic but often subtle ways."

A great article from Zenit by Father John Flynn. It is funny that people think what they see and watch doesn't an an affect upon them. If that were true there would be no such thing as advertisements, and Star Trek would not have changed the world as the History channel suggests.

And now for something Completely different: Avenue Q's "Internet is for Porn" Although it is light hearted, there is some truth.

Disclaimer: Contains Adult Subject Matter.

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