Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Trinity and Gin

I was ask to do a synonymous explanation of the Holy Trinity using Gin. I personally think water is a better explanation, but I’m always up for a challenge. I will try to post the Water synonymous explanation a little later. I have done my best to cross list the analogy with the appropriate sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The “Trinity is the central mystery of Christian faith and life” (§234). What we as Christians mean by mystery is that it is a part of our faith that can never be fully explained. We can know about the Trinity but never fully know it 100%. That is, we can spend a lifetime studying the Trinity and never have a complete understanding of it.

Christ, who is the second person of the Trinity, Son of the Father, has revealed what we do know about the Trinity (§240). Although the Bible does not explicitly discuss the Trinity, we know it has always been a belief of the Church, since we can look back through history and see individuals baptized “in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” from the earliest days of the Church (§232, §233).

I like to think that God, in some way, has left hints about himself in the natural world. I believe God has done this with Gin, which might aid in the understanding of the Trinity. All analogies eventually fall apart and fail in some area to capture the entirety of the mystery of Faith, but analogies are helpful for explaining the mysteries.
-God is one, and it is His nature to be one. (§253)
-Gin is one, it is the nature of Gin to be one.

- In the One God there are three persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Each person is distinct from the other. (§253).
-In the one drink called Gin there are three main ingredients: alcohol, grains, and juniper berries. Each ingredient is distinct from the other.

-The father is not the Son. The son is not the Father. The Holy Spirit is neither Son nor Father. (§254).
-The Alcohol is not the Juniper Berry. The Juniper is not the Alcohol. The Grain is neither the Alcohol nor the Juniper Berry.

-. Despite the distinction, each person is fully God (§253). Where there is one person so are the other two. There is no separation in the Trinity. If one person is missing then there is no Trinity.
- Despite the different ingredients there exists a unity among the ingredients and where the unity exists there is a drink called Gin. Gin is full Alcohol and is fully flavored with juniper berries and is fully distilled from grains. Without one of the three main ingredients there could be no drink called Gin. Also, when the unity is actualized between the alcohol, juniper berries, and grains in the drink called Gin, where one aspect of the drink is so too are the other elements of the drink. For instance, where there is the flavor of the juniper berries in the drink of Gin, so too are the Alcohol and grains present.

-Each person of the Trinity seems to serve a different role in regards to their relation to one another: Father the creator (§239), Son the Redeemer, and Holy Spirit the Sanctifier/Revealer.
-Each ingredients serves a different function. Alcohol enhances the mood of the drinker. Juniper berries flavor the alcohol. Grains provide the foundation for the distillation of the Alcohol.

-The distinction of each person resides in their relation to one another (§252, §255).
-The distinction of each ingredient resides in that each is not the other and are distinct from the other and function in relation to one another.

-Because there exists a Trinity we know there are three persons in it. Because there is a Father there is a Son. Because there is a Son there is a Father. Because there is a Father and Son there is a Holy Spirit. It is the nature of God to be three in one.
-because there exists Gin, we know that there are three distinct ingredients used in the making of Gin. Because there is unity of among the ingredients, we know that there is Gin. Because there are grains there can be alcohol. Because there is Alcohol there are grains from which the alcohol was distilled. Because there is Gin there is a Juniper Berry to flavor said drink. And so it is the nature of Gin.
It must be stressed that this is only an analogy, which is not a perfect mirror image of the Trinity. Like I mentioned earlier, the Trinity is a mystery. A Christian mystery is not something unknowable or secret. Instead, a Christian mystery is that which cannot be fully known. The knowledge of a mystery surpasses natural human reason. We can know some aspects and points of a mystery but never fully. For example: Why God is a Trinitarian God is unknown, but we do know that our God is Trinitarian. How it is that God is three persons in one substance is uncertain, but we do know that He is three in one. I encourage you to further explore this topic if you are interested. Also, the Trinity is a great mystery of Faith for meditation and prayer to use to deepen your spiritual life.

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