Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trinity and Water

Just use the same introduction and conclusion as the post on the Trinity and Gin.

1. God is One (§253). Without God there would be no life (§239).
2. In the One God there are 3 persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Each person is distinct from the other. (§253)
2a. The father is not the Son. The son is not the Father. The Holy Spirit is neither Son nor Father. (§254)
2b. Despite the distinction, each person is fully God (§253). God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
2c. Each person of the Trinity seems to serve a different role in regards to their relation to one another: Father the creator (§239), Son the Redeemer, and Holy Spirit the Sanctifier/Revealer.
3. The distinction of each person resides in their relation to one another (§252, §255).
3a. Because there is a Father there is a Son. Because there is a Son there is a Father. Because there is a Father and Son there is a Holy Spirit. It is the nature of God to be three in one.

Water (H2O)
1. H2O is one element of the Earth. Without water there could not be life.
2. H2O exists in three states of matter: Solid, Liquid, and Gas. Each state of water is distinct from the other.
2a. Solid water is not Liquid water. Liquid water is not Solid water. Gaseous water is neither Solid water nor Liquid water.
2b. Despite the distinction of matter, each state of water is fully H2O. Liquid water, Solid water, Gaseous water.
2c. Each state of water serves a different role: Liquid water (sustaining life), Solid water (for cooling a Coke on a hot day), Gaseous water (for it lets you know when something is hot, and to aid in the production of rain.)
3. Because there is H2O, it exists in 3 states. Each state is distinct from the other only because each is relative to the other.
3a. Because there is Liquid water there can be both Solid water and Gaseous water. Because there exists Solid water we know that there too is Liquid water and Gaseous water. This is the nature of our world.

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