Monday, December 18, 2006

Vatican Football (soccer) Team. This is NO JOKE

You can't make up news this good.

Vatican mulls fielding football team
"I do not preclude the possibility that the Vatican, in the future, could put together a football team of great value, that could play on the same level as Roma, Inter Milan and Sampdoria," all first division teams, the Cardinal said, according to the Ansa agency.

And from this story it looks like they are making progress with the 2007 Clericus Cup. The Vatican will have a team in the 16 team tournament composed of seminarians and priests, all of whom are former players of the sport. Sounds exciting.

These two stories raise so many questions:
Where should they get their players? Should they stick to religious orders or recruit from diocesan seminaries too? I think they should pull from the areas where there is a high concentration of soccer playing priests. I guess that rules out most of the Unites States.

What kind of uniform? Full Clerics? Maybe all Cassocks? Or standard soccer garb?

What should the team colors be? Yellow and white perhaps? Or maybe all Black. I do hear that good guys do wear black.

As far as the coaching goes, must the coach be ordained? Is the coach going to be a bishop, maybe cardinal or even the Pope himself?

Thanks to Tobias from the Parousian Post. Like I said the other day. The Parousians are coming.

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