Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Home Schooling Looks Better Everyday!

If this stuff is taught it schools then there is no hope for America.

Via Mark Shea

My Attempt at Being an Artist

Can you tell which saints, blessed, and soon to be blessed are in this picture?

Britan and Sexual Discrimination laws.

Exemption Status no longer allowed for Catholic agencies.
Despite appeals from bishops and other religious leaders in Great Britain, the prime minister says there will be no exemption from anti-discrimination laws for Catholic adoption agencies.

Last week the cardinal pointed out in a letter sent to Prime Minister Tony Blair and members of the Cabinet that proposed sexual orientation regulations would require Catholic agencies to "act against the principles of Catholic teaching." 

 The Equality Act 2006, which will come into force in April after Parliament's approval next month, bans discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services on the basis of sexual orientation, and would require Catholic agencies to consider homosexual couples as potential adoptive parents.

Instead of an exemption, which was supported by the bishops of Scotland, the Anglican Church and the Muslim Council of Britain, the prime minister said the Church would have a 21-month grace period to implement the law
There goes freedom of religion. More like freedom from religion.

Scorpions on a Plane

Water isn't allowed, but these little buggers will do just fine.

I smell the makings of another box office blunder.

Samuel L. Jackson as the guy who yells alot and says "M-F" every other word.
Britney Spears as the token hot girl who screams alot -- also Samuel L. Jackson's love interest in film.
Will Ferrell as the blundering sidekick for Samuel L. Jackson. Will will die by the King Scorpion while doing a search in the plane for where the scorpions are originating. Samuel L. Jackson will seek revenge for the death of his friend.
Al Pacino as himself. He saves the day by landing the plane after the pilot, co-pilot, and red eye are all stung to death by scorpions.
Keanu Reeves as the scorpions terrorizing the passengers on the plane. (perhaps his best acting ever will be done here)

Day 3 Without Internet

Saint Anthony, please help me find my lost internet access...and also my missing socks.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who'd a Thunk It?

You know the Bible 98%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

Bright Light for The Soul

Fear not the Dark Night of the Soul any longer. Straight from the Vatican Office of Really Neat Inventions comes the Soul Light.
The Soul Light is guaranteed to provide a guiding light to any dark soul. After all, even the smallest of light chase away darkest of nights. Soul Light even comes handy clip that can be attached to backpacks, purses, belt loops and an array of other things to ensure you that you will never be without that extra bit of light in those times of darkness.

Batteries are not included with Soul Light, because they are not needed. That's right, Soul Light is not powered by mere batteries. Instead, it draws its power straight from the Holy Spirit. Find your light getting dim? Simply get down on your knees and pray for the Holy Spirit to come into your light...uhhh life -- this can be done anywhere and at anytime: at home, in the street, on the bus, in the bathroom, and even in courthouses (note* Padre Pio kneepads sold separately)

Still not getting enough light? Try Soul Light - II
Not only will Soul Light - II light the darkest recesses of you soul, but it can help guide a friend too.

Have a friend in danger of being swallowed by the darkness? Sounds like you need Soul Beam.
Soul Beam is one light that cannot be blown out and can certainly not be hidden under a bushel even if you try. Vatican Officials are reporting that the Soul Beam is packing a light wielding power equivalent to 300,000 lamp bearing virgins keeping watch for the bride-groom and wedding feast.

Prices are currently undetermined, but there is speculation that one can acquire said light through regular daily prayer and mass.

*No bishops, cardinals, or popes were harmed in the making of this post.*

Fake Confessions

A reporter for L'Expresso went to confessionals in 24 churches in Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples and Palermo, to confess invented sins and to compare the priests' answers on ethical questions such as euthanasia, drugs, prostitution, embezzlement and pederasty.

Woe to this man. I understand how this would be interesting, but to lie in the confessional. Come on. Give me a break. This is like taking a sledge hammer to your car hood not to fix it but for mere entertainment.

Pope Says that Marriage is Eroding

VATICAN CITY, JAN. 29, 2007 ( Relativism is eroding the concept of marriage, even among Catholics, says Benedict XVI.

The Pope also warned about the risk of seeing annulments as a canonical way to regulate the breakup of authentic marriages.

The Holy Father said this on Saturday in an address delivered to the judges, officials, lawyers and collaborators of the Roman Rota, the Church's central appellate court, at the opening of the judicial year.

Jesus at the Superbowl

Jesus at the Superbowl Perhaps never before in the 41-year history of pro football's annual culmination of on-field competition and off-the-field festivity have two head coaches and many of their team members been as determined to use their worldwide platform to express the difference their faith in Christ makes in their life.

Day 2 Without Internet

Frustrated. I start day two without internet. Thanks God for the generosity of coffee shops that provide the customers with free high speed internet.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary to The Parousians

One Year and Three Chapters Latter The Parousians are going strong.

The Rapture Crap Sure

A leading scholar has said that the end-times rapture theology propagated by many fundamentalist Christian groups, and said to be an influence within the Bush White House, is unbiblical and basically “nuts”.

No-duh! Tell us something we don't know.

More to Come

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates since Wednesday of last week. Flew out to Southbend last Thursday morning. I thought I was going to be near an internet connection while away, but there was none. I will resume posting after:

1. I solve the internet problem at my apt. (for some reason Comcast doesn't want to give us internet right now.)
2. Not at work... My office still uses dial up. I might try some posting from there, but it will be tough.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Power of Porn

The Power of Porn
This is one of the most powerful talks on porn I have ever heard. I was moved at parts.

From the Summary on the Site:
When talking to college students about Pornography, Gene McConnell often gets a wide variety of answers. “I’m a fan of Porn—Porn’s Good,” “It’s sexual education for kids without parents,” It’s kind of funny,” “It’s degrading to women,” and “It’s pretty addictive,” are all answers he’s heard on campuses across the country and are indicative of our society’s general posture towards pornography. McConnell’s talk is not designed to tell you what to think. Rather, he speaks intimately and honestly about the consequences of his personal use of pornography, the deep desires that pornography tries to fulfill, the level of sex-saturation in our society, and the way that he and others have found a way out of pornography’s hold.

This talk is provided by The Veritas Forum.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rosary Lingerie

Those are two words I never thought I'd see in the same sentence let along using "rosary" as a modifier for lingerie. Shoot, if you can't pray the rosary, might as well just wear it -- with not much more. Just a special way to tell that catholic someone in your life this St. Valentine's Day that you love her.

A Real Gender Bender Conundrum

Transgendered Clergy
In 1973, Eric Karl Swenson was ordained in the Presbyterian Church and went to work doing what he’d always dreamed of: ministering to a congregation of the Southern Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. More than 20 years later, one dream almost ended when another began. When the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta discovered in 1996 that Swenson had finally fulfilled another lifelong desire—having sex-change surgery to become a woman—it started proceedings to revoke Swenson’s ordination.
This might not be a huge problem to those denominations who do not have an ordained priesthood, but this raises some interesting theological questions from a Catholic standpoint.

Can a transgendered person be a priest? If there is an ontological and unchangeable difference between men and women then no. A transgendered person cannot be an ordained priest in the catholic church.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

March for Life.

March for Life Pictures
It was a cold, overcast and wet Monday as I headed out my apartment to meet the bus, which would take us to the March for Life in DC. The sun had yet to rise, and the ground had been freshly sprinkled with snow during the night, which remained near pristine except for my roommate’s tracks leading the way to the chartered bus.

I’ve never experienced much snow in my life – being from South Louisiana we don’t normally see snow, so I was delighted to see it that morning and enjoyed hearing the crunch it made under foot as I went out that morning. My delight changed shortly as I soon received a phone call explaining to me that most of the schools in the area were opening late because of the first show fall. As a result, many parents didn’t drop their kids off who had registered for the march. Out of the three 54 passenger busses one was cancelled, another was mostly full, and the last only had 10 passengers. Our once initially hoped for horde of 150 high schoolers and chaperones now became more of a hodgepodge gang. I prayed that the weather wouldn’t effect the turnout for the march for life as it did us.

Two and a half hours later and a viewing of “The Pirate’s of the Caribbean,” my hopes would soon be fulfilled. After a short walk to the Verizon Center entrance for the morning youth rally and mass, we were turned away due to lack of seating – The Verizon Center has a max seating of 20,000. Not only was the Verizon Center packed but also Constitution Hall and the National Shrine on Catholic U’s campus. Eventually someone directed us to St Patrick’s church a few blocks from the the Verizon Center for a morning mass – St. Pat’s too was standing room only, and if you looked at the people in the pews it appeared many were nearly sitting on top of each other.

This was my first time at the March for Life, and I had heard nearly every story and about every outlandish person and action possible witness by friends from past year’s marches. Everything form people dressed in lab coats covered in pig’s blood to protestors throwing eggs at the marchers – neither of which I saw. However, my experience was one of hope.

I say hope because of who I met at the march. Too often pro-life issues seem to be associated with right-wing politics and Christians and at times this was the impression I received from the masses there, as one could easily hear rosary being prayed and Dominican Friars doing Gregorian chant. However, when I looked around beyond the initial crowd, I no longer saw the republican Christians holding signs. Instead, I found myself bumping into Orthodox Jews, teenagers, medical doctors, Democrats, Feminists, and Hollywood producers. All of who were present to support life issues and to encourage the simple message: that women deserve better, and they need a supportive and loving community.

One such producer and march participant from Hollywood I met while marching was Jonathan Flora (picture top right), who I found on the steps of the Supreme Court building holding a sign which read, “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.” My initial reaction was shock, because I never associated or ever thought to imagine Hollywood a having pro-life ties. It was difficult to believe that someone from Hollywood would openly admit to being pro-life – don’t they get black listed for stuff like that? Not only was Jonathan a Hollywood producer, but he was also a producer for Disney.

As we spoke he let some of his story speak for itself. Once coercing his wife into aborting their son, he harbored silent, interior guilt for his decision. Years after encouraging that abortion, and now with two children of his own, Jonathan and his wife Deborah were at the march in the hope of creating awareness that abortion is not just a woman’s issue but also affects and involves men and that healing is possible.

By making his presence known, Jonathan specifically hoped to send out a message of healing to men whom might have coerced a loved one into having an abortion. Jonathan continued and said, “As men we need to be responsible for our young” and by encouraging abortion men are not being responsible. Recently, Jonathan finished producing and directing A Distant Thunder: a courtroom drama centered around the steps a doctor takes to ensure a successful abortion after a partial-birth abortion goes awry.

Another sure sign of hope for me came from a group of teens that seemed more at home at the march doing pro-life chants and cheers than on the couch watching TV was a group of approximately 130 Catholic high school students from St. Benedict at Auburndale, Bishop Byrne, Immaculate Conception, and Christian Brothers all located in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

This was the 18th consecutive year, I was told, that St. Benedict brought students to the march. I first noticed this fiery group of students when they were lining up for the march. Them on one side of the street shouting “Pro” and Catholic Univeristy of America students lined up on the other in a gang fight like manner responding with “Life.” After a few rounds of this, St. Benedict’s students would begin a pro-life cheer some of which included: “One, two, three, four, sell abortion out the door.” and “Pro-Choice that’s a lie. Babies don’t deserve to die.” Wherever this group went their energy and excitement spread to those around them.

I spoke briefly with the President of St. Benedict’s Teens for Life, Brad Mellancon, and he said that by driving from Memphis, Tennessee and marching in the inclement weather, they “hoped to influence government officials, overturn abortion, make the country a better place to live, and to promote the respect for all life.” With a contagious spirit the Teens for Life from St. Benedict and the other Memphis schools proved a true witness and testimony for today’s youth and hope for tomorrow’s leadership.

Although there is no official count for the number of participants, I heard an estimated high of 150,000 marchers at this year’s pro-life rally and march. The low end of the spectrum are the 20,000 plus Catholics that packed the Verizon Center on F Street, the 300 plus at Constitution Hall, the overflowing numbers at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and the 100s at nearby local churches all celebrating mass before the start of the day’s events. This does not include the people that were turned away by security guards for lack of seating in the Verizon Center, at Constitution Hall, and the numbers of people already participating in the rally listening to pro-life speakers at the staging point.

One voice can be ignored or drowned out, but what about the voices of thousands?

Abortion through the poets' voices

From the Story:
Decades ago in high school, I found a poem in my English book while casually flipping the pages before class. The poem's title caught my eye - "the mother," by Gwendolyn Brooks. Then the poem's words rocked me from my chair.

Abortions do not let you forget, it began. It soon reached down deep into the losses that haunted the poet as it moved toward this heart-wrenching conclusion:

March for Life

A link to pictures is coming soon.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

March for Life

Gonna be at the March for Life tomorrow. Don't forget that it is not just about abortion.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beer Instead of Wine

Ohh how I wish there was beer back then instead of wine. Mass might look like this if there was.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The War on Terror Continues...

WASHINGTON, D.C -- As the war on terror continues, President Bush is ensuring this country is safe from terrorism of all sort and is making sure the CIA, IRS, NSA and several other Acronymonus Organizations are leaving no person, place, thing or pet for chance. At his latest press conference the president assured the American people that "no kitten will go unchecked as a possible terrorist."

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Important Health Advisory from the Pontifical Office of the Liturgical Police

Important health advisory! There have been recent reports of a spiritually deadly disease sweeping across the country that is threatening our parishes. In order to avoid quarantining and closure of your church parish, please answer the following (Answering the following does not guarantee that your parish will not be closed.):

1. Have you ever heard your priest refer to the GIRM as a suggestion book?

2. Does your parish resemble a hippie commune singing Kumbaya more than a divine, heavenly, worship where heaven and earth meet?

3. When you tell people where you go to church, do they respond, “I didn’t know that was a Catholic Church” or “That’s Catholic?”

4. Has your liturgist replaced the phrase in the creed “made man” with “became one of us” or dumped the “smells and bells” by the wayside?

5. Has the bread and wine used for consecration been replaced with milk and cookies?

6. Does your church have a committee to tell the priest how to wipe his nose, with what to wipe it, and when to wipe it? In other words, are there more committees at your parish than there are parishioners?

7. Has the Clergy confused himself with the laity? Has a parishioner confused himself or herself with the Clergy?

If you answered yes to two or more of these then your parish might be suffering from Litabutinitus (lit-a-bu-ta-ni-tus). Litabutinitus is a deadly crippling disease, which if not treated properly will lead to spiritual staleness, post Vatican II Blues, and closure of an infected parish. In years past the only available treatment was excommunication, and it worked effectively on some and not well enough on others.

Fortunately, through the blends of science, faith and modern technology, the Pontifical Office of the Liturgical Police has developed a cure for Litabutinus. Lit-Rite is what it has been called and is posed to cure all liturgical abuses that occur even in the most crazy of churches. Guitar masses, Inappropriate motions and gestures, Barney Blessings, Halloween masses, and other abuses are being said to have been cured by Lit-Rite. Production has begun immediately and is available in three convenient forms: pill, liquid, and aerosol.

The most efficient way to prevent a breakout of Litabutinitus is to quarantine the infected individual immediately and administer Lit-Rite 10mg in pill form by mouth three times daily. If a breakout has already begun simply pour Lit-Rite Liquid into holy water font and parishioners will unknowingly bless the disease out of their systems. It is important to note that Lit-Rite Liquid is absorbed through the skin but can be administered orally. If Litabutinitus has become too wide spread that the parishioners no longer use holy water or holy water fonts then connect the Lit-Rite Aerosol canister directly to the air intake of the heating and cooling unit, turn canister knob, sit back, and breath with ease.

If the above treatments do not seem to remedy the situation simply increase dosage. Other possible means of administering Lit-Rite are to hide Lit-Rite 10mg in the jelly donuts and to slip Lit-Rite Liquid into the coffee and juice at the Donut Ministry table after each Sunday mass.

Lit-Rite is safe for all ages, is not harmful to those not suffering from Litabutinitus, and is environmentally friendly.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vatican Inspired Fashion by Versace

Vatican Inspired Fashion by Versace. This is one for the books. I'm sure thousands of men have been dying to be seen dressed like a vatican official. Now their wish has been fulfilled by Versace.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Legos as Catechetical Resources

The Lego Bible Bible Stories depicted by legos. Well done. I think I will be using some of this in my CCD class.

As cool and the Lego Church was. A reader pointed out that there were adds on the page for adult content. I removed it. Thanks for the head up. I can't believed I missed it.

Case of the Mondays

This is about the funniest Soccer Ref I have ever seen.!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chesterton Shirts

Over at Catholic Productions they have some super cool shirts. I personally like their Chesterton Shirts. Don't take my word for it. Check it out for your self. They also have some audio lectures from up and coming theologians and philosophers. Scott Hahn has said good things about Dr. Brant Pitre. I've listened to a few of the lectures and they are sure fire dy-no-mite! The best part is that the CDs are half the price of the ones sold by St. Joseph's Communications. Great quality at half the price. Sounds like a no brainer to me.

Chesterton Common Sense for the Ages Shirt: Quote on back reads, "The Christian ideal has not be tried and found wanting; is has been found difficult and left untried"

Chesteron Larger than Life Shirt: Quote on Back reads, "How Much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This makes me want to Cry...

Heresy is nothing new. In fact it occurs so often and the same heresies keep reemerging wearing different masks, and they have become as boring and dull as a bad rerun from the Weird Al TV show. Here is one of those WOE to you heresy links from the Rational Response Squad, which is making the national news and is in a recent issue of Newsweek. The squad should more rightly call themselves and their followers the "we're not interested in what you say squad".

Anyway, the Rational Response Squad released The Blasphemy Challenge. What is the challenge? Here is the Challenge in short form:
Video yourself damning yourself to Hell in anyway you like. The only rule is you must say the phrase "I deny the Holy Spirit" and upload it to Youtube using the link provided on the website.
Your reward for damning yourself to Hell and denying the holy Spirit: A free copy of the DVD The God Who Wasn't There.

In response to this a Deacon soon to be priest issued The Confessional Challenge. His response is none other than the product and statement that was developed for believers in defense of Christianity because of continuing and reemerging heresies: The Creed.

I encourage people to respond to the Blasphemy Challenge. If you do take up the call, please go gently, for we must be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves (I know a task easier stated then done.). It profits a person nothing to give his or her soul for the whole world. But for a DVD?

UPDATE: Turns out I over looked that the Curt Jester already posted on this. I guess that is what happens when using dial-up at work. The Jester makes an interesting point and a good suggestion on praying for these individuals. Check out what he says here.

I am Published!

In the October/November issue of Gilbert Magazine published by the American Chesterton Society, you can find a short essay I wrote late one night.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Flying to Delaware

On my way back to Delaware today. Wish me luck that I can get a king cake through security without the guards making me share it with them.

The Finger of God: A Lesson on the Catechesim of the Catholic Church

Who ever said the Bishops don't have a sense of humor have not read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I was reading it the other night and ran across the section on the holy Spirit and the "Finger of God." All I could do was laugh. I might be going to hell for this picture, but it is what it says in the Catechism, and it is what popped into my head the second after I read it. Maybe getting the finger isn't as bad as we perceive. Maybe the Bishops should be more careful in the choosing of their words.

The CCC states, (Section 700) that "It is by the finger of God that [Jesus] cast out demons." If God's law was written on tablets of stone "by the finger of God," then the "letter from Christ" entrusted to the care of the apostles, is written "with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of human hearts." The hymn Veni Creator Spiritus invokes the Holy Spirit as the "finger of the Father's right hand."

The Danger of Typos: A lesson in proofing your writing

Typo takes tourist 13,000 km out. This is a lesson in proofing your writing. Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on our teachers who drop us a letter grade for a typo. We might wind up like this guy.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Is it Ethical to ...

What kind of doctors would agree to intentionally shorten and sterilize a disabled six-year-old girl to make it easier for her parents to take care of her?

Part two tomorrow.

Pelosi Double Talk at its finest.

Pelosi Double talk

She wants to be judged by what she does and not by who she is. Yet she wants to be an example not to the youth of America, but to the women and young girls of America. Hmmm.... She wants to make sure she is not the last female speaker.

Ok, let us cut through the garbage. What she is saying is that she wants women to be in a position of power and authority for the sake of the woman. What America needs is the best person in those positions of authority and power regardless of sex, gender, race, etc... If she does her job well she will not only be an example for woman but also for men. I know many men who hold certain women as examples to follow, and it is not because these women were working for the sake of themselves or their sex, but for the sake of the world and humanity. From this article it appears she is working for the sake of woman in America and not for the sake of America.

People really need to learn that it never was a question if a woman can lead or do the same job as a man. Woman preform equally as well in nearly all areas of employment.

'Plutoed': '06 Word of the Year

"Plutoed" is chosen as word of the year.

Big Business Killing the Road-kill Grill

Kentucky fears loss of traditional critter dish The reason for the burgoo's disappearance is not due to any law, but to big business shutting down the local small businesses that serve said local dish. A thing to definitely consider. Can big business stomp out local cuisine? Isn't America more then just a burger and fries from Burger King or McDonald's.

Today's Orwellianism

High impact lead poisoning.
Shot by a gun.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Chuck on Chuck Facts

Chuck Norris comments On Chuck Norris 'mania' sweeping the Net
There are more than 50,000 jokes making their way around the Internet that purport to be "facts" all playing off my movie roles as a "tough guy" and my history as a martial arts champion. But they aren't "jokes" to those who spread them – they're "facts."
I had no idea that Chuck actually wrote a column. Learn something new every day.

Punk Preachers: What the Hell Happened to Christianity?

Here are two quotes from the story.
His parables and lessons were focused on love and forgiveness, a message of "come as you are, not as you should be." The bulk of his time was spent preaching about helping the poor and those who are unable to help themselves. At the very least, Christians should be counted on to lend a helping hand to the poor and others in need....

Christians should be able to look past their differences and agree to disagree. This allows people to discuss issues with respect for one another.

I really hate it when people try to preach the warm and fuzzy Gospel. It is right up there with the Gospel of Cool. People really need to learn to read the Gospels in their eniterity and not just focus on one aspect. Yes, Christ did want people to come as they are, but he did not say stay as you are. He preached conversion of heart. In other words, come as you are and be made whole.

On the second comment. This is a cop out. The only people who say that are those who know they themselves are wrong and have no good reply for what it is they are doing.

Spreading the Gospel: A good thing
Distorting the Gospel (or only focusing on one aspect): a bad thing.

Friday, January 05, 2007

On Retreat

I am standing in a wedding later tonight, then I will be on my way to assist with a Catholic charismatic retreat before I fly back to Delaware. If you have a few 30 seconds in your day we would love it if you would send a prayer our way.

My High School...Well, What is left of it.

This is what is left of my High School

Almost a year and a half after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast, my high school (Holy Cross School) still remains in an almost unaltered state since the flooding cleared. A couple of friends and I braved toxic mold, sludge, and asbestos to bring you these pictures. These images were taken on December 31, 2006. Above is a link to just some of the pictures I took.

A very abridged history of Holy Cross School:
The school has been in New Orleans since 1842, and has been educating the youth of the city through the ministry of the Holy Cross brothers and priests, which is the same religious order that founded and runs the University of Notre Dame. Shortly after the founding of Notre Dame, the Holy Cross brothers arrived in New Orleans and began the operating an orphanage. The school remained an orphanage until 1879 when it graduated its first high school class.

Notre Dame and Holy Cross School have had a long standing relationship. In fact, during the great depression, Holy Cross school sold the majority of its land (which extended from the Mississippi river to Lake Pontchatrain) to help ensure that Notre Dame would not have to close due to finical difficulties.
There are plans to rebuild my high school in a different location, which explains some of the reason for the school remaining in the state that it is found. However much of the process of relocating is caught up in disputes with FEMA, insurance companies, local residents, and the list can continue.

Still, much of the city is residential areas of the city are still in bad/horrible shape. Only about half of the residents are back in my neighbor hood and my neighborhood was not flooded.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Pope's New Year Wish

Peace in the Holy Land
"A peace accord, to be lasting, must be based on respect for the dignity and rights of every person," the pontiff added.

Designer Defective Babies

Creating made-to-order babies with genetic defects would seem to be an ethical minefield, but to some parents with disabilities - say, deafness or dwarfism - it just means making their babies like them.

Let me get this straight here. If a mother is going to have a handicapped child through natural means she must have an abortion to make the world better and its population stronger. Yet, it is acceptable to design a baby that has a handicap for the mere fact that the parents want the child to have this handicap. That sounds sadistic, cruel, mean, and a slue of other negative adjectives. All I can say is "Woe to them."

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Battle of Catholics

BATON ROUGE, LA: In just two days the most well known Catholic university in America (Notre Dame) and the university with the highest percentage of Catholics attending in America (Louisiana State University) will be battling it out in New Orleans, LA at this year's Sugar Bowl. It is promising to be a game to remember as two of the nations top collegiate quarterbacks will be showing their talents for NFL prospects and crazed fans. Unknown to most people who do not follow certain catholic media circles the debate has been raging in the Vatican for who the Pope, and other vatican officials, will root.

It has long been know that John Paul II favored LSU in many competitions because of the school's high percentage of catholics. After winning the NCAA National Championship in 2003 against the Oklahoma Sooners in the Sugar Bowl a few years back, the late Pope John Paul II gave the then head coach Nick Saban a papal blessing. It made front page news all over the local Baton Rouge Catholic periodicals.

Since Ratzinger's election to the office of the Pontiff, it has been questioned as to where his loyalties lay. Without a moment too soon and at a recent press conference unknown to most of the press and not as recent or as late as expected, the Pope revealed his choice for this year's Sugar Bowl.

The Pope arrived at the press conference in his typical papal white, but with a slight twist. His face was painted purple and gold in alternating vertical stripes with the letters "LSU" painted in purple and gold on his forehead. It appears that Benedict XVI is following in his predecessor's footsteps in more than one way.

The Pontiff dubbed the game "The Battle of the Catholics", but he stressed that it is important for Catholics to stick together and be "one just as our Lord is one." Although two great Catholics will be in competition with each other, they both still remain under the same roof as the other. What takes place on the field in healthy competition, we should not allow it to seperate or divide the Catholics of the world. B-16 added, "that it is of grave importance that we use this opportunity to watch two great teams and see and analyze the hard work, devotions, dedication, and virtues that come from healthy competition, for what happens on the field is substantially applicable to life off the field." He then continued by saying it is through athletics and healthy competition that people of the world can start combating relativism and other evil "-isms" of the modern world.

Even-though the Pontiff favors LSU in the Sugar Bowl, he ended the press conference with a list of other vatican officials, cardinals, priests, and religious orders who will be rooting for Notre Dame.
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