Monday, January 08, 2007

Pelosi Double Talk at its finest.

Pelosi Double talk

She wants to be judged by what she does and not by who she is. Yet she wants to be an example not to the youth of America, but to the women and young girls of America. Hmmm.... She wants to make sure she is not the last female speaker.

Ok, let us cut through the garbage. What she is saying is that she wants women to be in a position of power and authority for the sake of the woman. What America needs is the best person in those positions of authority and power regardless of sex, gender, race, etc... If she does her job well she will not only be an example for woman but also for men. I know many men who hold certain women as examples to follow, and it is not because these women were working for the sake of themselves or their sex, but for the sake of the world and humanity. From this article it appears she is working for the sake of woman in America and not for the sake of America.

People really need to learn that it never was a question if a woman can lead or do the same job as a man. Woman preform equally as well in nearly all areas of employment.

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