Sunday, January 07, 2007

Punk Preachers: What the Hell Happened to Christianity?

Here are two quotes from the story.
His parables and lessons were focused on love and forgiveness, a message of "come as you are, not as you should be." The bulk of his time was spent preaching about helping the poor and those who are unable to help themselves. At the very least, Christians should be counted on to lend a helping hand to the poor and others in need....

Christians should be able to look past their differences and agree to disagree. This allows people to discuss issues with respect for one another.

I really hate it when people try to preach the warm and fuzzy Gospel. It is right up there with the Gospel of Cool. People really need to learn to read the Gospels in their eniterity and not just focus on one aspect. Yes, Christ did want people to come as they are, but he did not say stay as you are. He preached conversion of heart. In other words, come as you are and be made whole.

On the second comment. This is a cop out. The only people who say that are those who know they themselves are wrong and have no good reply for what it is they are doing.

Spreading the Gospel: A good thing
Distorting the Gospel (or only focusing on one aspect): a bad thing.

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