Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scorpions on a Plane

Water isn't allowed, but these little buggers will do just fine.

I smell the makings of another box office blunder.

Samuel L. Jackson as the guy who yells alot and says "M-F" every other word.
Britney Spears as the token hot girl who screams alot -- also Samuel L. Jackson's love interest in film.
Will Ferrell as the blundering sidekick for Samuel L. Jackson. Will will die by the King Scorpion while doing a search in the plane for where the scorpions are originating. Samuel L. Jackson will seek revenge for the death of his friend.
Al Pacino as himself. He saves the day by landing the plane after the pilot, co-pilot, and red eye are all stung to death by scorpions.
Keanu Reeves as the scorpions terrorizing the passengers on the plane. (perhaps his best acting ever will be done here)

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