Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This makes me want to Cry...

Heresy is nothing new. In fact it occurs so often and the same heresies keep reemerging wearing different masks, and they have become as boring and dull as a bad rerun from the Weird Al TV show. Here is one of those WOE to you heresy links from the Rational Response Squad, which is making the national news and is in a recent issue of Newsweek. The squad should more rightly call themselves and their followers the "we're not interested in what you say squad".

Anyway, the Rational Response Squad released The Blasphemy Challenge. What is the challenge? Here is the Challenge in short form:
Video yourself damning yourself to Hell in anyway you like. The only rule is you must say the phrase "I deny the Holy Spirit" and upload it to Youtube using the link provided on the website.
Your reward for damning yourself to Hell and denying the holy Spirit: A free copy of the DVD The God Who Wasn't There.

In response to this a Deacon soon to be priest issued The Confessional Challenge. His response is none other than the product and statement that was developed for believers in defense of Christianity because of continuing and reemerging heresies: The Creed.

I encourage people to respond to the Blasphemy Challenge. If you do take up the call, please go gently, for we must be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves (I know a task easier stated then done.). It profits a person nothing to give his or her soul for the whole world. But for a DVD?

UPDATE: Turns out I over looked that the Curt Jester already posted on this. I guess that is what happens when using dial-up at work. The Jester makes an interesting point and a good suggestion on praying for these individuals. Check out what he says here.

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