Friday, February 16, 2007

Grass Roots Abortion War

Time Magazine does a lengthy article on abortion.
The pregnancy-center clinic, with its new ultrasound machine, has been open only since December, but already the staff can count the women who came in considering an abortion and changed their minds: five women converted, six lives saved, they declare, since one was carrying twins. "They connected," nurse Joyce Wilson says, recalling the reaction of the women who saw the filmy image of their fetus onscreen. "They bonded. You could just see it. One girl got off the table and said, 'That's my baby.'"


Anonymous said...

At first I was going to say, "well, if they changed their minds they weren't all that positive they were making the right choice in the first place."

But then I got this mental image of a used-car saleman... :)

Ok, lady, there's your shiney new baby, all roaring to go, now let's do the math. Do you know how much this baby's going to cost you each month in maintaince? How about the time and energy this shiney baby's going to suck out of you? Still want to sign up for 18 years of non-stop payments?

Christina Dunigan said...

But in this case the woman already has a baby inside her and is considering whether or not to kill it. So for your analogy to hold, you'd have to have a bunch of people running a junk yard, offering to crush cars for a fee (the abortion clinics), and a bunch of mechanics offering free inspections, pointing out that there's nothing wrong with the cars in question.

Ought the proof that the thing to be destroyed is of no value to be on the person who stands to make money for the destruction?

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