Monday, February 05, 2007

Satan Wipes

For those times in life when you just can't do it on your own. Do not fear. Wipe Satan away in a lemony fresh scent with Satan Wipes.

Also check out the new formulated Anti-Sin Wipes. Guaranteed to remove venial sins in an easy to carry moist- towelette pouch.

Warning: Although Satan Wipes and Anti-Sin Wipes affect your soul and interior life, they are not for internal use. Satan Wipes and Anti-Sin Wipes are for external use only. If swallowed please contact your local Poison Control center or your local parish priest.

Note* Satan Wipes and Anti-Sin Wipes are intended for use by those over the age of reason. Also, the only sure 100% way to guarantee forgiveness is to seek out the Sacrament of Confession from a Priest. Because Jesus said so.

Products that I wished existed -- Oh wait, they do. It's called holy water.


Muerk said...

Holy Water moist wipes would be excellent for me as a mother of four boys! All those bumps and scrapes needs some kisses and Holy Water and how convenient to have it in a handy pack of pre-moistened wipes.

I'd buy that for a dollar.

The Heart of Things said...

this is a hilarious post, I just stumbled onto it looking for the St. John C quote.... thanks!! God bless!

TH2 said...


John said...

Yes that is an excellent product it should be on shelves of every supermarket but I'm not sure if people would know how to use it (even it is so simple)

John from daily meditations

Mikes Sumondong said...

I don't think holy water works. Prayer does. Get rid of satan through Prayer and God's word!

Will said...

Are these endorsed by Mr. Monk.

Universal Life Church said...

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Anonymous said...

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