Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top 10 Other Things Found In Jesus' Lost Tomb.

Top 10 Other Things Found in Jesus’ Lost Tomb (according not to James Cameron).

10. Left Over Wine from the Wedding at Canna.
9. Dust.
8. Jimmy Hoffa’s Body.
7. Hot Air courtesy of the filmmakers.
6. Buy One Get One Free Coupon for Dominos.
5. The recipe for the Colonel’s secret batter.
4. An autographed copy of the Bible.
3. The Directions for solving a Rubix Cube.
2. The Latest style of Air Moses’.
1. A group of dumbfounded individuals wondering why they didn’t find anything.


Unknown said...

Its just a publicity stunt to say they found directions to solving a rubix cube. I've found that stuff all over the internet for years.:)

Trubador said...

Thanx for making me laugh, Paul! HAHHH!

PBXVI said...

Stuff in the news is like: "We don't want to offend any Christians because this discovery disprooves them, but...." Yea, what are we proving/disproving here?

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