Monday, February 26, 2007

What I Wish I Could Give up For Lent!

1. Long Lines
2. School
3. Work
4. Sleepless nights
5. Body Odor
6. Morning Breath
7. Rush Hour Traffic
8. Bad Drivers
9. Annoying people.
10. Giving up things
11. Crooked politicians
12. Dirty Laundry
13. People who don't agree with everything I say.

Clearly I cannot give up many of these thing. Why? Cause they are good for me. Sadly, but true. They form virtues and character. That is, they make me better.

What do these things teach me?
1. Teaches me patients.
2. Develops Temperance.
3. How to stay on task.
4. Perseverance when I am tired the next day.
5. Prudence.
6. Prudence again.
7. Patience.
8. Keeps me alert.
9. Courage. (Hey they are annoying!). Maybe even Charity.
10. Sacrifice.
11. How to handle injustices.
12. Fortitude.
13. Humility.

Although I can't give up these things, I can certain give them up to God, and in doing so make them a pray during Lent.

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