Friday, February 02, 2007

What's Your Papal Name?

Papal Name Generator
Your Papal Name is Pope Adrian VII

You would continue the Conservative traditions of recent years and continue the work of John Paul II... In fact, are you sure you aren't Cardinal Ratzinger?

Get your own name at What's My Papal Name?


Anonymous said...

¿Por qué la gente sin embargo piensa que Elvis está vivo? Significo, adelantado, gente. ¿No hay cosas mejores a concentrarse encendido? Significo, después de todo, no nos olvidemos del individuo en el final de sus días era un drogadicto desesperado y tiraba encima de medio a sus dedos del pie antes de que él podría levantarse realmente en etapa para conseguir encendido con la demostración.

Unknown said...

Paul, I don't know what that last comment was all about but here's the translation:

"Why people nevertheless think that Elvis is alive? I mean, advanced, people. There are no better things to concentrate itself ignited? I mean, after all, we do not forget the individual in the end of its days he was a desperate drug addict and it threw upon means to its toes before it could rise really in stage to obtain ignition with the demonstration."

I'm assuming a blog spammer.

Universal Life Church said...

Would greatly appreciate the adding of one or both of our links to your webpage.

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Thank You:
~ Brother Michael

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