Monday, March 05, 2007

Ever wanted to do something special? Now is your chance!

Help Brittany get into the Convent!

Here is the story. Brittany Harrison is a young college student seeking to enter the novitiate for the Salesian Sisters on August 4th. The only thing stopping her are her Student Loans (everyone boo and hiss at the student loans). She is currently attending college as a full time student and is also working full-time at a local animal shelter/kenel in attempts to raise as much money possible before August 4th in order to pay off her Student Loans (more booing and hissing at the Loans). Brittany has been a Salesian Cooperator for some time now, and as her blog reads:
Some may ask why they should trust me. I suppose that in this world of cyberspace you can never be sure. I have the endorsement of the Salesian Sisters’ vocation director (you can call her directly, if you wish - email me for her personal number) and my spiritual director. I have been a Salesian Cooperator for almost three years now (not including 2 years of formation) and I was the local coordinator of my Salesian Cooperator Unit. A newstory about it (with a terrible picture of me) is on the Salesian website.

I am a published author of a 32 page booklet entitled “All Things to All, The Life of Blessed Artemides Zatti” available from the Salesian Missions (which you can obtain by calling them at 1-888-608-2327), and I have also written articles for the Salesian Bulletin and one of them can be found HERE.
Brittany is a very hard working person and what is quoted is only a fraction of what she has done to help bring forth the Kingdom of Christ. Paying off her student loans (booing and hissing) is a completely feasible task, but only if she has help. This is a feasible task because she does not have $20,000 in Student Loans(even more booing and even more hissing at Student Loans than before). She only has a total of $3,600 in Students Loan (angry fist shaking accompanied with moderate booing and hissing)to pay back before August 4th.

Already people have started responding to her prayerful request. She has raised and saved $950 as of 3/3/07. There is a paypal account and link she has set up to help her reach her goal of repaying her student loans (gnashing of teeth) her blog -- there is also an Amazon Honor System link too.

If you find yourself being a poor student or maybe you just can't donate at the present moment, I am positive she would like a prayer for reaching her goal.


Sister Brittany said...

You are really crazy but very funny.. which makes you... um... SALESIAN! mmmmawawhahaha! Thanks for posting the blog about me. Now the rest is in God's hands.

Sister Brittany said...

I just wanted to let you know that with everyone's support we managed to raise enough money to pay off my student loan!!!!

Thank you so much for the help!

Rod said...

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