Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Reflection on the Movie "300"

I saw “300” last night. I was somewhat disappointed and somewhat pleased.

What I was displeased with:
1. The Writing: It lacked in anything of a good script -- as it was more akin to a long recited list of clichés. On top of that every dialogue tried desperately to be intense, epic, and dramatic, which became boring and tedious after a while.

2. Violence: The movie itself was very bloody and consisted of a number of decapitations (think of Braveheart and times it by 2). In other words, it is more violent than any two Mel Gibson movies combined.

3. Random sex scenes: I still can’t figure out why directors and writers feel the need to insert a number of “erotic” and random sex scenes that provide no merit and impact the story line in absolutely no way. Truth be told there was no need for the random sex scenes and removal of said scenes would have taken little from the movie (maybe 10 min of film time); although, removal of the random sex scenes would have surely strengthened the plot. The sad fact is that there are a number of these needless scenes.

4. Voiceover: There was a voiceover, which randomly came and went through the movie. The speaker was supposed to be a Spartan telling the story of the “300” to the audience. However, this voiceover becomes annoying because it starts dictating to the audience what is occurring on screen. There were times when I wanted to reply back to the voice over “Yes I can see that! There is no need to tell me what I can already see! Now be quiet and let me watch the movie!” In other words, the voiceover gets in the way of the on screen action. Either tell me the story or show me the story – there is not a need for both.

5. Slow Motion: It is true that things are cooler in slow motion. However, that is not the case when half of the movie has been filmed in slow motion. Quick shots and random camera angels interwoven with the longer and more focused slow-motion shots does create an interesting effect and feeling, which strengthens and exaggerates the slow motion shots.

What I liked:

1. Cinematography: The Cinematography was great. Zack Snyder does a fantastic job in recreating the graphic novel feel on screen. It was filmed in a sepia tone, which seemed to lack in all things blue.

2. I’ll let you know if I can think of another thing I liked in it.

Overall: It was entertaining. Yet, I would not recommend it unless you have nothing better to do.

Here is what the USCCB says about the film.


Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Have you seen the "original" - "The 300 Spartans?" 1962.

Also, have you seen Sam Pekinpah's "Cross of Iron" 1977. He does the slow-mo thing just right. I think you'd like this movie. Beautifully done and with the added advantage it has James Mason!

Unknown said...

Half-way thru the movie I thought "I paid for this?" I wondered for a while if it shouldn't have taken an NC-17 rating for the sexual content since the beginning was almost full porn.

Land and Sea said...

Thanks for reviewing. Gotta keep the purity. Although Gerry Butler is the hottest thing walkin, I don't want to know about all of his cracks!

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