Friday, May 18, 2007

ACLU Sues Louisiana School Board over Bibles in School

ACLU sues Louisiana over Bibles in Schools
"School officials in Tangipahoa Parish habitually show disdain for the Constitution, while disrespecting the right of parents, who happen to be Catholic in this case, to choose the religious tradition in which to raise their children," said Joe Cook, the ACLU executive director for Louisiana."
I really dislike Joe Cook. He sued the Governor's Program on Abstinence (GPA) back when I worked for the GPA for the mere fact that it was a non-bias program that allowed anyone and everyone to start a GPA Club in their school, church, or even house if they wanted too. Cook even went as far as to say the GPA was using government funds to promote religion by having articles and links on the "news" page of the GPA website that connected to religious sites. Some people just take this seperation of church and state thing a little too far. Joe Cook is one of them, eventhough he does have some valid points at times.

Well, at least I can pray for Joe Cook's immortal soul.

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