Thursday, May 17, 2007

French Priest Says No to Celibacy

Priest Says No to Celibacy

This is a fine example of not thinking before you act.

The Priest is crushed that the Church has sanctioned him, and He can no longer celebrate mass. The Parishioners are "on Strike" and refuse to go to mass and celebrate the sacraments with the new priest.

The priest did one of the the very things he promised not to do. How is the church supposed to react? With an "I'm sorry poor fellow, cry on my shoulder"? If you promise to do something, you stick by that promise. May your "yes" mean "yes".

I fail to see what there is to be upset about the priest being sanctioned -- other than the fact that he was not living up to his vows. The only people the parishioners are hurting are themselves and the parish they are striking against.

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beez said...

This is so annoying! The man made a promise of celibacy and obedience to his bishop and his congregants are now supporting his willful disobedience?

If I were in his parish, I would walk up to him and say, "It needs be that scandals come, but woe to you by whom scandals cometh!"


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