Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fruit Flies Have Free Will Say Scientists

Fruit Flies Have Free Will Say Scientists.

I really give it to the scientists for giving it the ole' college try, but come on scientists. Choice doesn't equal free will neither does spontaneous decision making/actions. Anyone who owns a pet, particularly a dog or cat, realizes that animals have the ability to make choices: this is no news flash. Yet, my dog has never really does what it should do or should not do. Meaning, I haven't heard of an animal being virtuous. Yes, I know sometimes dogs protect their masters. Then again don't people sometimes do the 'right' thing on accident without any training in virtue? Then again, I've never seen an animal (except maybe the brother Lions in the Chicago Museum of Natural Science) going on killing sprees: there are no animal serial killers.

I hesitate to call my dog's actions evil or even virtuous. I also don't see how an animal can live the good life.

I suggest that the scientists go back and read some philosophy and theology then reapproach the topic at hand in new light. I suggest starting with Agustine's On Grace and Free Will.

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