Saturday, May 26, 2007

Monster Hog Killed...Bigger than Hogzilla.

Monster Hog Killed (Associated Press Story) - Hunter's Site associated with the hunting and killing of this massive animal.

I'm sure by now most people have heard of this 11 year old boy who killed a wild 1,051 pound hog. It is certainly an impressive task. What interested me was not the fact that he killed such an animal, but the reactions people have had to the killing this massive hog.

I was most amused by the negative and positive comments about the boy's kill that were on the site.

It is a world of difference as to the comments made. I was personally taken off guard by the people who made some of the negative comments. Many of which are down right mean. They make me wonder who is the better person and who is the real killer. Here are a few (these are some of the more tame ones):
  • I hope you'll be shot someday.. People like you shouldn't live (yes i mean it) May you burn up in hell, pigh4ter!
  • You've got a great career as a killer ahead of you! I hope that one day soon, you'll decide to kill your father & then youself. Nigel C., San Francisco, CA
  • Did it make you feel good to kill?
  • F***you, you stupid redneck, killing a defenseless animal. Too bad the pig didn't have a gun to make it fair, then he could have shot your a** 10 times. Imagine the pain and suffering it went through while you terrorized it in its final moments of life. Funny how you go to a Christian school. You're just another southern, stupid, bible stompin red neck. Rot in hell a**hole.
Now Compare the above negative comments with the more positive comments on the site. Here are a few:
  • Excellent, I would love to have seen the look on your face that big daddy walked out. I guess you want need any bacon for a while. Don't worry about the negative email I bet most of those people wear leather shoes and eat meat. Congrats, Skip Davis
  • Jamison, all this old Granny can say is,"YOWZA!" Son that is a mighty big pig. You are a very brave young man, to track your monster animal and finish the job. I know Dad and friends were there to protect you. The fact that you stayed true to
    your hunt is just awesome. God has blessed you wonderfully! Don't let anyone steal your thunder. Granny Joyce
  • I guess in their minds, people and animals are all on the same level. They should learn some PETH…People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans!! Congratulations to you and Happy Hunting! Jennifer
  • I read a report once that said something like 90% of the men in prison never went hunting, so if you want to keep your sons out of prison, take them hunting. Congratulations on your successful hunt.
I find it interesting how the angry (negative) people can't seem to separate the difference between animal and humanity. They resort to name calling and vicious threats towards an 11 year old boy who has done nothing wrong. I don't see why, if hunting is as morally wrong as some on the site seem to suggest, then why didn't anyone bother to rationally and calmly explain why hunting is wrong and unethical?

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