Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"No Talking, Save the Environment"

Washington DC: Tourists today in the Capital City might notice an eerie silence upon Capital Hill. Today, a non-contested bill was voted into action which made measure to help reduce Global Warming by decreasing the amount of carbon gasses released into the atmosphere.

Bill 5473 proposed that all government offices conduct business as usual but without speaking on the first of each month. The logic behind Bill 5473 revolves around the amount of talking, debating, and discussing and the productions of excess carbon gasses that enter the atmosphere due to all the excessive amount of needless debating. Iowa Democrat Senator Tom Harkin had the following to say about Bill 5473: "We politicians spend far too much time talking and not enough time doing. Imagine how much Carbon gasses are not released into the environment when Filibusters no longer involve countless hours and hours of dictionary reading. Imagine how much breath we waste debating needless issues. Maybe this bill will teach both parties to communicate better."

To support Bill 5473, all Senate, Congress, and all Executive offices will be wearing and passing out "No Talking, Save the Environment" buttons (image left). Louisiana Governor, Kathleen Blanco, plans to extend the bill to the local level and is inviting people across the state to participate in the "No Talking, Save the Environment" Bill.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi using hand mostions and gestures to get her point across.

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Christina said...

If only! It would be the first useful thing out of this congress yet.

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