Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Premier Pops off on Pope

Premier Pops off on Pope.

Mark Shea Responds to Ms. Blizzard -- and a good response too boot.

Ms. Blizzard's article got me thinking. What is the Pope actually doing? The fact of the matter is that the Pope is doing nothing more than asking the people who call themselves members of the Catholic church to believe and practice the tenets of the faith they say to hold. Yet, what politicians constantly respond with are the same weak responses: "I can't do that, I have to think about the people." or "I am personally opposed to this that or the other thing, but I can't impose my views on the country." So the question arises, "What are the politicians saying when they make the above comments?"

Here is what they appear to be saying (according to me):
1. I am weak willed, because I refuse to stand up for my own beliefs. I can't impose my own beliefs, so I will impose someone else's.
2. My views can be swayed by the people, and I can probably be bought for the current market price of 40 silver pieces.
3. I lack leadership skills, because I let others dictate to me my own Job. Hey, I just go with the flow.
4. I want Jesus in all areas of my life, except my Job.
5. I don't really know what I believe, because if I did I wouldn't feel the need to try to spit on the Pope.
6. I lack conviction, because I'm not sure Catholicism is true.
7. I believe Religion, particularly the Catholic faith, is incompatible with everyday life.
8. I believe Catholicism is irrational, anti-political, and anti-life.
9. I got my religious education from CNN, the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and bumper stickers on the car in front of me during rush hour.

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